Bully Girl Magazine Inmate Subscription Form

Bully Girl Magazine Inmate Subscription Form

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Bully Girl Magazine, a dynamic and inspiring publication, now offers an exclusive Inmate Subscription service. This subscription is specially designed to bring a piece of the vibrant and diverse world of bully breed dogs into the lives of inmates, offering them a unique way to stay connected and engaged with their passion for these incredible animals.

Product Features:

  • What is Bully Girl Magazine? A bi-monthly magazine dedicated to bully breed dog enthusiasts, Bully Girl Magazine showcases everything from dog health tips, breeding information, and personal stories to event coverage and the latest trends in the bully breed community.
  • Tailored Subscription: For only $99, inmates will receive a one-year subscription (6 issues), delivered directly to their facility, filled with rich and engaging content about bully breed dogs.
  • Simplified Subscription Process: The easy-to-complete subscription form ensures accurate delivery and consistent access to every edition of the magazine.
  • Engaging and Appropriate Content: Each issue is thoughtfully curated to be both entertaining and suitable for the correctional environment, focusing on the positive aspects and love for bully breeds.
  • Connection and Education: This subscription is more than just a magazine; it's a way for inmates to stay connected to their interests, learn new information about bully breeds, and feel a part of a larger community of dog lovers.

How It Works:

  1. Order the Form: Purchase the Bully Girl Magazine Inmate Subscription Form directly from our website. The form will ship to the inmate in with the shipping details that you provide when ordering.
  2. Processing: Once the inmate ships us the subscription form, along with a check payable to Bully Girl Magazine, LLC., and we have received it - the order will be processed and the subscription will begin with the current issue.
  3. Shipping: Shipping to inmate facilities can take anywhere from 7-14 business days, depending on the location.

Note: We recommend verifying with the specific facility for any restrictions on receiving publications before ordering.

Offer the joy and community of bully breed dog lovers to someone on the inside with a subscription to Bully Girl Magazine – a thoughtful and engaging gift that extends beyond the pages.