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Bully Girl - Digital Issue 79

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First, I would like to begin by congratulating GOLDLINE BULLIES DE, on making the front cover of Bully Girl Magazine Issue 79. GOLDLINE BULLIES DE was founded by Monique Simon, and is located in Germany. An exclusive 2-page interview with Monique begins on page 8 inside the magazine. 

This issue also features other great interviews and bully breed dogs from various kennels around the globe such as:

  • Dynamic Bulldogs
  • Martin Family Bullyz
  • Grayline Bullies
  • Double A Bullies
  • Blue Chip Bullies
  • Pickles Squad
  • The Bully Bureau
  • Untouchabullz

Here at Bully Girl, we try to give you the content that you ask for. After all this magazine is for you, right?

We would also like to give our BGM Issue 79 Bully Breed Photo Contest Winners a big shoutout! A few weeks before the release of a new issue, Bully Girl Magazine holds an online photo contest at www.bullygirlmagazine.com. The top 32 dogs with the most votes at the end of the contest are featured inside the upcoming issue. So if you haven’t ever participated in our photo contest, now is the time. It’s 100% free, and very simple to sign up. Who knows, you just might make the cut, and get your dog featured in the next issue of Bully Girl Magazine!

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all those who have purchased Bully Girl Magazine Issue 79! Words can’t express how thankful we are for all of the support we get from the bully breed community, and dog lovers around the world. We do this for you, and we promise to continue to give you even better content with each new issue!