BGM Bully Face Cover (Neck Gaiter)
BGM Bully Face Cover (Neck Gaiter)
BGM Bully Face Cover (Neck Gaiter)

BGM Men's Bully Face Cover (Neck Gaiter)

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Stay safe during these tough times with our NEW BGM Men's Bully Face Cover (Neck Gaiter). Ear strap face masks can be difficult to put on and take off, over and over agin. These Mens Neck Gaiter Bully Face covers are more convenient to wear, as you can simply pull them up and down as needed.

These are not just summer neck gaiters. Due to it's length, the BGM Men's Bully Face Cover can actually provide a bit of warmth, like a scarf, on a cold day. Available in multiple colors. One size fits most people. This is a limited supply item. Grab one before they are sold out!


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