Building a Legacy: Steven Williams and the Future of 94ebbullies

Building a Legacy: Steven Williams and the Future of 94ebbullies

Steven Williams, the owner of 94ebbullies, is a prominent figure in the world of American Bully breeding. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Steven’s passion for these muscular, aesthetically pleasing dogs with excellent temperaments has driven him to establish one of the most respected kennels in the region. This story delves into Steven's journey, his dedication to the breed, and the meticulous care he provides to ensure the health and well-being of his dogs.

The Fascination with American Bullies

Steven's journey into breeding American Bullies stems from his admiration for their muscular build, overall aesthetic, and temperament. "Their great muscular build and temperament truly gave me the fascination and inspiration towards the breed," he explains. This passion led him to dedicate his efforts to not only breeding these magnificent dogs but also to dispel common misconceptions about them.

Ensuring Health and Genetic Soundness

At 94ebbullies, health testing is paramount. Steven believes in the necessity of DNA testing and performs these tests through Embark. This commitment to health screening ensures that his breeding dogs are free from genetic health conditions, contributing to the betterment of the breed. "We believe health testing your dogs is a must," Steven asserts, highlighting his kennel's dedication to producing healthy puppies.

Socialization and Preparation for New Homes

Socialization is a critical aspect of Steven's approach to breeding. Puppies at 94ebbullies are introduced to various stimuli, including loud noises and interaction with children, to prepare them for their new homes. "We socialize our puppies by introducing them to many new things slowly, including playing with children," Steven explains. This method ensures that the puppies are well-adjusted and ready for their new families.

The Importance of Bloodlines

Steven’s favorite bloodline is Dave Wilson’s Razors Edge Bloodline. This preference speaks to his commitment to quality and the distinct characteristics he aims to perpetuate in his breeding program.

Addressing Misconceptions About the Breed

A significant challenge Steven faces is addressing misconceptions about the bully breed. Many people mistake American Bullies for pit bulls and often perceive them as aggressive. Steven tackles these misconceptions by educating potential buyers and the public about the breed's true nature. "I take the time to give them the right knowledge about the breed and let them see how they interact with me and my child in person," he explains. This hands-on approach helps change perceptions and promote a better understanding of the breed.

The Hallmarks of a Responsible Breeder

In Steven's opinion, a responsible dog breeder values the health of their dogs and strives for the betterment of the breed overall. This philosophy is evident in every aspect of his kennel's operations, from health testing to the careful selection of breeding pairs.

Diet and Fitness Regimen

Steven maintains his dogs on a raw food diet, advocating for its benefits. He feeds his dogs once a day and keeps them in shape through daily walks and playing fetch in the backyard. This regimen ensures that his dogs are not only healthy but also well-exercised and happy.

The Puppy Purchasing Process

The process of purchasing a puppy from 94ebbullies is thorough and thoughtful. Steven begins by discussing the buyer’s expectations and what they are looking for in a puppy. If it seems like a good fit, he arranges for shipping or offers the option for buyers to pick up their chosen puppy from the kennel. This personalized approach ensures that each puppy finds a suitable and loving home.

Health Guarantees and Ongoing Support

Steven provides health guarantees for his puppies and offers support after they go to their new homes. He sends customers home with detailed instructions on how to care for their new puppy and remains available for any questions or concerns at any stage of the dog’s life. This commitment to ongoing support underscores his dedication to the well-being of his puppies.

Handling Returns and Rehoming

In cases where buyers are unable to continue caring for their puppy, Steven encourages them to contact him. "We’re always willing to accept any pup from our kennel that doesn’t work out in their new home," he says. This policy ensures that no puppy from 94ebbullies ends up in a shelter or an unsuitable environment.

Advice for Upcoming Breeders

Steven’s advice for upcoming breeders is simple but profound: stay patient, have a vision, stay true to it, and never give up. This mindset has helped him navigate the challenges of breeding and establish a successful kennel.

Overcoming Stigmas and Changing Narratives

The most difficult challenge in the bully breed community, according to Steven, is fighting the stigma associated with the breed. He believes this can be overcome by changing the narrative and letting people see the true nature of American Bullies. "Letting people see the bullies in their natural light the right way is key," he asserts.

Mentors and Inspiration

Steven looks up to Jay Goodson, a breeder who runs a great program and breeds phenomenal dogs. Jay’s genuine passion for bullies and his success in the breeding community inspire Steven to continue improving his own program.

Goals for the Future

One of Steven's main goals for the year is to continue building his program and introducing more people to the bully world. He envisions a future with more unity and better breedings within the bully breed community.

Unique Selling Points

What sets 94ebbullies apart from the competition is Steven's passion and genuine care for the betterment of the breed. This dedication is evident in every aspect of his kennel's operations.

Personal Interests

Outside of breeding, Steven has a passion for cars, sports, and football. These interests provide a balance to his life and reflect his multifaceted personality.


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Appreciation for Bully Girl Magazine

Steven holds Bully Girl Magazine in high regard, recognizing it as a great outlet for people passionate about bullies. He appreciates the magazine's role in educating and connecting the bully breed community.

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