Bully Girl Magazine: From Humble Beginnings to Creating a Legacy

LeVar D. Carter

LeVar D. Carter, a native of Roosevelt, Long Island in New York, developed a deep-rooted love for pit bulls and bully breeds early in his life. Growing up in a small town, LeVar's fascination with these dogs grew as he raised a few pit bulls, forming strong bonds with each one. His life took an unexpected turn when he came across the American Bully breed online. Intrigued by the breed's muscular and attractive appearance, LeVar set out to learn more about these incredible dogs.

After months of research, LeVar found a trusted breeder, Jonathan Santos of New England Gottiline, located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He purchased his first American Bully from Jonathan, who also introduced him to Gottiline Magazine, a publication dedicated to the new breed. As LeVar attended several bully breed dog shows, he not only participated but also won some competitions. LeVar even hosted two huge bully breed dog shows early on, which helped to strengthen his connection within the bully breed community.

One fateful day, LeVar discovered that Gottiline Magazine had gone out of business. Seeing a gap in the market and sensing the potential for a dedicated publication, LeVar decided to launch his own magazine. And thus, Bully Girl Magazine, LLC, was born—a publication that would bring awareness to the American Bully breed and help to educate people on how these dogs were not bad like the stereotypes suggested.

LeVar faced numerous challenges during the initial stages of starting the magazine. With no background in photography, magazine publishing, or clothing design, he had to learn these skills on the fly. Undeterred, he took various online courses to fill the knowledge gaps, learning about photography, graphic design, business, and marketing. LeVar also faced the challenge of protecting his brand from others who sought to steal the idea. Through determination and quick action, he successfully trademarked the Bully Girl brand and continued his vision.

Bully Girl Magazine began as a publication blending attractive women with bully breed dogs, catering mostly to male readership. However, over the years, the magazine evolved into a family-friendly, educational publication that attracted a diverse audience of bully breed enthusiasts. This transformation led to a spike in growth and a stronger reputation. LeVar's unwavering dedication to providing a high-quality publication, clothing, and services for the bully breed community further set the magazine apart.

One memorable moment in LeVar's journey with Bully Girl Magazine was when a vendor at a bully breed dog show initially refused to sell his magazines, for fear that he would not make his money back after purchasing them at a wholesale  price. LeVar bet on himself and his brand and allowed the vendor to have the magazines for free to sell and keep the profits. After selling out very quickly, that vendor became a long time customer placing many huge orders to keep Bully Girl Magazine in stock for future bully breed dog shows. This experience marked the beginning of Bully Girl Magazine's success, forcing LeVar to expand his production and distribution efforts. No longer could he get by on printing a handful of magazines at a time on his home printer, and stapling them together by hand, which is how his journey began. He then focused on securing a reliable printing company, more vendors and distributors, which helped the brand to grow at a faster pace. The magazine's content continued to evolve, featuring interviews with breeders, informative articles, and high-quality photography.

With the increased demand for Bully Girl Magazine and its merchandise, LeVar launched the Bully Girl Mobile App, allowing users to locate and connect with responsible breeders worldwide and access digital issues of the magazine. This innovative addition to the brand made it easier for bully breed enthusiasts to find reliable breeders and stay informed about important events and promotions.

Today, Bully Girl Magazine stands as a testament to LeVar's passion for bully breeds and his determination to make a difference in the lives of these incredible dogs and their devoted owners. Through tireless effort and unwavering commitment, LeVar Carter has built a legacy that will continue to impact the bully breed community for years to come. The magazine's journey from humble beginnings to a respected, comprehensive publication highlights the power of dedication and belief in a cause. LeVar's story serves as an inspiration for others looking to follow their passion and create something meaningful.

As Bully Girl Magazine continues to grow, LeVar has never lost sight of his original mission—to bring love and awareness to the bully breed. He tirelessly works to dispel the negative stereotypes surrounding these dogs, helping to change public perception and improve the lives of countless bully breeds and their owners.

LeVar's commitment to this cause has led him to partner with various organizations and participate in community outreach programs, further spreading the message of responsible ownership and the true nature of these often-misunderstood dogs. He used his platform to not only educate but also to entertain, ensuring that each issue of Bully Girl Magazine was a joy to read.

Regardless of the challenges and obstacles, LeVar always rose to the occasion. He demonstrated an unwavering belief in his vision and the potential of Bully Girl Magazine, even when others doubted him. LeVar's story is a testament to the power of determination, perseverance, and the pursuit of one's passion. Bully Girl Magazine will undoubtedly continue to evolve, adapt, and grow, just as LeVar has done throughout his journey.