Inside The Bully Zoo: Charise’s Passion for Standard and Pocket American Bullies

Inside The Bully Zoo: Charise’s Passion for Standard and Pocket American Bullies

Charise, known in the bully community as Bully Zoo Mama, runs The Bully Zoo kennel in San Diego, CA. Her love for American Bullies began many years ago when her husband, Martin, introduced her to the breed. Instantly, Charise felt a deep connection to these remarkable dogs and knew she wanted to share their unique qualities with the world. Today, she is dedicated to breeding Standard and Pocket American Bullies, focusing on producing healthy, well-socialized puppies. Charise’s dedication extends beyond just breeding; she actively participates in community events and educational programs to spread awareness about the breed. Her commitment to the breed is evident in the careful selection of breeding pairs and the rigorous health standards she upholds.

Breeding Focus and Inspiration

At The Bully Zoo, Charise specializes in breeding Standard and Pocket American Bullies. These types are known for their strength, loyalty, and gentle temperament. Martin played a significant role in igniting Charise's passion for the breed. His introduction to the American Bully sparked a journey that has become Charise’s lifelong commitment. She believes these dogs are special and wants to ensure others can experience the joy they bring. Her breeding program is designed to enhance the positive traits of the breed while ensuring that each puppy is healthy and well-adjusted. Charise’s focus on quality over quantity has earned her kennel a reputation for excellence.

Health and Socialization Practices

Health is a top priority at The Bully Zoo. Charise ensures that all breeding dogs are tested for genetic health conditions, particularly Canine Hip Dysplasia. This practice helps maintain the health and quality of her breeding program. Socialization is equally important. From an early age, puppies at The Bully Zoo are exposed to a variety of sounds, smells, textures, animals, and humans. Charise uses baby toys, pet toys, and different flooring materials to create a stimulating environment. She also takes the puppies around in a secured cart to introduce them to new experiences. By the time they are ready for their new homes, the puppies are kennel/crate trained and potty trained, making the transition smoother for their new families. Additionally, Charise incorporates positive reinforcement techniques to build confidence and good behavior in her puppies.

Favorite Bloodline and Misconceptions

Charise’s favorite bloodline is the Louis V Line, known for its exceptional traits and characteristics. However, she often encounters misconceptions about the American Bully breed. Many people mistakenly believe that these dogs are dangerous and aggressive or not suitable as family pets. To counter these myths, Charise takes a proactive approach. She introduces people to her dogs, especially Weezy (@bullyzoo_weezy), whom she takes everywhere. Through these interactions, she educates the public about the true nature of American Bullies, showing them to be loving and gentle companions. Charise also uses social media platforms to share success stories and educate a broader audience about the breed.

Traits of a Responsible Breeder

Charise believes that a responsible breeder must be knowledgeable about the breed they are working with. They should be well-versed in canine health, care, and sanitation. A commitment to the health and well-being of the dogs is paramount. This involves proper breeding practices and maintaining a clean and safe environment. Charise’s dedication to these principles ensures that The Bully Zoo produces healthy, well-adjusted puppies that make excellent additions to any family. She also emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and staying updated with the latest advancements in veterinary care and breeding techniques. Charise regularly attends seminars and workshops to enhance her knowledge and skills.

Diet and Exercise Regimen

Maintaining the health and fitness of her dogs is crucial for Charise. The dogs at The Bully Zoo are fed Victor Hi-Pro Plus dog food, supplemented with Super K9 Supplements, raw ground beef, fresh vegetables, and fruits. This balanced diet ensures that the dogs receive all the necessary nutrients. Depending on their age and whether they are pregnant, the dogs are fed between two to four times a day. To keep them in shape, Charise utilizes their outdoor spaces for regular exercise. The dogs also attend multiple dog events throughout the year, ensuring they remain active and fit. Regular vet check-ups and tailored exercise routines help prevent obesity and maintain optimal health in her dogs.

Purchasing Process and Support

Purchasing a puppy from The Bully Zoo is a comprehensive process designed to ensure each puppy goes to a loving and responsible home. Charise offers health guarantees and provides ongoing support to all puppy buyers. Once someone purchases a dog from The Bully Zoo, they become part of the family. Charise is always available to help and guide her customers, ensuring they have all the support they need. If a puppy or adult dog does not work out in its new home for any reason, Charise requires that the dog be returned to her. This policy ensures that no dog from The Bully Zoo ends up in a shelter or an unsuitable environment. She also provides detailed care instructions and training tips to new owners to help them adjust to life with their new pet.

Showing Dogs and Advice for Breeders

Charise is proud of the achievements of her dogs in various dog shows. Many of her dogs have been shown in the past, and some are still actively competing. Her success in the show ring is a testament to the quality of her breeding program. For upcoming breeders, Charise advises taking the time to research, get educated about the dog game, and set clear goals for breeding. She emphasizes that breeding should aim to better the breed, not to make quick money. Patience, dedication, and a commitment to excellence are key to success in the bully game. Charise also encourages new breeders to seek mentorship from experienced breeders and participate in dog shows to gain exposure and experience.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

One of the most challenging aspects of the bully game, according to Charise, is overcoming kennel blindness. This issue can be difficult to recognize and acknowledge, but it is crucial for breeders to address it. Charise believes that the first step to overcoming kennel blindness is recognizing the signs, acknowledging them within oneself, and accepting the need for improvement. By being open to feedback and constantly striving for betterment, breeders can overcome this challenge and improve their breeding programs. Charise suggests keeping an open mind and being willing to make necessary changes for the betterment of the breed.

Future Goals and Community Vision

Charise has ambitious goals for the future. One of her main objectives this year is to outproduce her current productions and expand her whelping services to new clients across California. She envisions a bully breed community that is free from hate and negative competition. Charise believes that the bully community is unique and that members can learn from each other. She hopes to see more collaboration and support within the community, fostering a positive and nurturing environment for all bully breed enthusiasts. Charise also aims to host more community events and workshops to promote responsible breeding and pet ownership.

Unique Selling Points and Other Interests

What sets The Bully Zoo apart from other kennels is the range of services they offer. In addition to breeding, Charise provides whelping services, dog training, and dog show training and handling services, with her husband Martin, also known as Bully ZooKeeper (@bullyzoo_keeper). They are very active in the bully community, attending and hosting various events. Charise’s other hobbies and interests include whelping, attending dog shows and events, and hosting the annual Demand Of The Bulls events with her best friend Kayla Soto (@concretecrushers_bullymama). Charise's commitment to excellence and community involvement distinguishes The Bully Zoo as a leader in the bully breed world.

Bully Girl Magazine Subscription

Bully Girl Magazine Subscription

Praise for Bully Girl Magazine

Charise has high praise for Bully Girl Magazine, describing it as an amazing and easy educational and networking tool for anyone in the bully community. She encourages readers to subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play stores, to stay informed and connected with the latest news and trends in the bully breed world. Charise believes that the magazine is an invaluable resource for both new and experienced bully breed enthusiasts, offering expert advice, success stories, and community support.

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