Lazyboy Bullies: Breeding Compact Gorilla-Styled Frenchies in Texas

Lazyboy Bullies: Breeding Compact Gorilla-Styled Frenchies in Texas

The Genesis of Lazyboy Bullies

In the sprawling, vibrant landscapes of San Antonio, Texas, Patrick Roth, the mastermind behind Lazyboy Bullies, has sculpted a sanctuary where compact, gorilla-styled French Bulldogs are not just bred but meticulously crafted. His journey, which began in 2018, saw him traversing across states to dog shows, ultimately culminating in a profound love affair with a particular style of Frenchie.

A Blend of Passion and Precision: Breeding Philosophy

Patrick's breeding philosophy intertwines a meticulous selection of genetics with a nurturing environment, ensuring each dog from Lazyboy Bullies is a testament to both their breed and upbringing. His dogs, characterized by their calm demeanor yet possessing an extreme ball drive, are socialized from the get-go, ensuring they are as sociable as they are physically impressive.

The Gorhino Bloodline: A Legacy in the Making

The Gorhino bloodline, originating from Hustlehardbulls, has captivated Patrick’s admiration and respect, becoming his bloodline of choice. This choice is not merely aesthetic but is a nod to the comprehensive breeding program that Hustlehardbulls has meticulously developed, ensuring each dog not only carries but also enhances the lineage.

Debunking Myths: Advocating for Compact Frenchies

Patrick stands as a bulwark against the prevalent misconception that smaller dogs inherently possess less functionality. His dogs, agile, stable, and conditioned, defy this myth, showcasing that their performance is not merely on par with, but often surpasses, their standard-sized counterparts.

Ethical Breeding: A Pillar of Responsibility and Integrity

In Patrick’s eyes, responsible breeding is an amalgamation of considering the breed, the community of breeders, and adhering to stringent guidelines. His disdain for the flooding of the market with subpar breeds is palpable, advocating for a breeding practice that prioritizes quality over quantity, and ethics over profit.

A Glimpse into the Lazyboy Bullies’ Diet

With a steadfast commitment to maintaining optimal health, Patrick ensures his dogs are sustained on a diet of kibble year-round, specifically opting for Taste of the Wild Salmon Recipe and Purina Pro Plan for sensitive stomachs. This dietary choice is not merely for sustenance but is a strategic decision to ensure each dog thrives.

The Purchase Journey: Becoming a Part of Lazyboy Bullies

Purchasing a pup from Lazyboy Bullies is not a mere transaction but an induction into a community. Patrick meticulously understands the goals of potential puppy parents, ensuring that whether they’re looking for a pet or a breeding specimen, they’re provided with a dog that aligns with their aspirations.

A Vision for the Future: Breeding and Community

Looking towards the future, Patrick envisions a bully breed community that is not swayed by transient trends but is rooted in original, timeless styles. His hope is that the community evolves to prioritize and celebrate quality, ethical breeding practices, and genuine love for the breed.

Beyond Breeding: Patrick’s World

While his heart belongs to his dogs, Patrick also finds joy in sports, indulging in kickball, basketball, and bowling, ensuring that his life is a blend of passion, precision, and play.

A Nod to Bully Girl Magazine

Patrick’s admiration for Bully Girl Magazine, a platform that not only provides an extended platform for breeders but also mirrors the personality and ethos of its editor, is evident. His journey, while deeply personal, finds a universal echo in the pages of the magazine, resonating with breeders and enthusiasts alike.

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