Rebecca Escobar's Frenchiverse: Redefining Bulldog Breeding in Albuquerque

Rebecca Escobar's Frenchiverse: Redefining Bulldog Breeding in Albuquerque

In the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a new star rises in the world of breeding - Rebecca Escobar and her renowned kennel, Frenchiverse. With every post on their main Instagram page (@frenchiversellc), they capture the attention and hearts of bully breed enthusiasts across the globe.

Rebecca's journey began three years ago, sparked by a combination of her husband's desire for a French Bulldog and a timely connection with a business partner aware of her deep affection for dogs. Despite once dreaming of breeding her husky, fate had other plans, steering her towards the French Bulldogs.

The commitment to excellence at Frenchiverse is evident. Each dog undergoes rigorous testing for genetic health conditions, ensuring their pedigree's integrity. Rebecca's dedication extends beyond just breeding. Her pups are hand-raised, exposed to various environments, and acclimated to diverse stimuli, from the gentle touch of children to the playful antics of other breeds and even a cat. Rebecca's holistic approach to rearing, which includes practices like Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and chiropractic care for pups, sets her kennel apart.

Yet, what truly captures the essence of Frenchiverse is the sense of community Rebecca fosters. She's not just a breeder. She's a mentor, a guide, and an anchor for her "Fur Fam" – a term she warmly uses instead of 'clients'. From hosting Frenchiverse Fur Fam Fiestas to mentoring her Fur Fam for life, Rebecca ensures that every member feels cherished and supported.

Misconceptions about bully breeds are plenty, but Rebecca faces them head-on, emphasizing the love and care every dog at Frenchiverse receives. She dreams of a future where only the most ethical breeders exist, setting a gold standard for the industry.

Her advice to upcoming breeders? Put the dogs and their loving families first. The rest, including business success, will follow naturally. This sentiment is echoed in her admiration for industry stalwarts like Angel of Double Muscle Line Bulls and Paddy of Master Breeder Academy, who continually strive to elevate the standards of breeding.

As we delve deeper into Rebecca's world, we discover her passion isn't just limited to dogs. She's an entrepreneur, helming ventures like Enchantment Marketing and Kennel Boost. When she's not immersed in her businesses or spending quality time with her pups, she’s out exploring life with her husband, snowboarding down slopes, or enjoying a cold beer with friends.

Amid the myriad of kennels out there, what truly distinguishes Frenchiverse? According to Rebecca, it's her. "People get our dogs, studs, and services because of 'me'. They know how they're cared for, and that I'll take care of them forever."

As our journey through the world of Frenchiverse concludes, Rebecca shares her excitement about being featured in Bully Girl Magazine. She's new to the community but is thrilled at the opportunity to connect with fellow breed enthusiasts.

In the sprawling landscapes of Albuquerque, amidst the chorus of barks and playful yips, Rebecca's tale unfolds - a narrative of love, passion, and an unyielding commitment to the canine universe.

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