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Bully Girl - Digital Issue 76

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Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 8 years already. Myself and everyone on Team BGM are very appreciative of the ongoing support that we receive from the bully community. Bully Girl Magazine Issue 76 is very special to us, and we hope you enjoy it.

Looking back to 2010, and then realizing what he have grown to become, is truly an accomplishment. Bully Girl Magazine started as a small publication, read only by a few bully breed enthusiasts. We are now read worldwide. Not only by bully breed enthusiasts. We now have people from all walks of life who love our publications. I’m talking about the fitness community, the bikers, the tattoo world, mixed martial artists, even other dog breed enthusiasts. They all love Bully Girl Magazine!

Bully Girl Magazine was created to provide a platform for bully breed enthusiasts to learn and share knowledge about the bully breed. Thanks to our ever-growing community of supporters, we were able to accomplish that task. On a bi-monthly basis, BGM produces a publication that features bully breed dogs from all over the world, exclusive kennel interviews, facts & tips articles, and Bully Girl Models that showcase our trademarked Bully Girl clothing line.

Bully Girl Magazine is made by the readers, supporters, fans, kennels, breeders, judges, show handlers, etc. Without you all doing your part to make the bully community better, we wouldn’t exist.

So again, on behalf of myself, and the whole team at Bully Girl Magazine, LLC., we would like to just say THANK YOU!