Raising the Bar: How Northern Force Bullies is Shaping the Future of Shortybulls

Raising the Bar: How Northern Force Bullies is Shaping the Future of Shortybulls

In the heart of Canada, near the bustling city of Toronto, Jennifer Smith-Beaudoin and her husband have carved out a niche that's both fascinating and heartwarming in the world of dog breeding. Their kennel, Northern Force Bullies, is not just a place where dogs are bred; it's a hub of passion, dedication, and love for a breed that's capturing hearts worldwide: the Shortybull.

The Love for Shortybulls

Jennifer's journey into the world of Shortybulls began in 2012, sparked by a search for a healthier, more athletic bulldog breed that could seamlessly fit into the family setting. The Shortybull, with its robust health, playful nature, and undeniable charm, was the perfect match. This breed, known for its compact size and friendly demeanor, quickly became the center of Jennifer's breeding program.

A Commitment to Health and Socialization

At Northern Force Bullies, the health and well-being of each dog are paramount. Jennifer works closely with a reproductive veterinarian to ensure that each breeding dog is evaluated and healthy. The puppies are raised in a loving home environment, surrounded by children and other animals, ensuring they are well-socialized and ready for their forever homes. Inspired by Puppy Culture, Jennifer implements various methods to prepare the puppies for their new lives, including potty and crate training.

Breeding with Integrity

Jennifer's admiration for certain bloodlines, such as Devil Mountain Shortybulls, Shortybull Inc., and Pawsitive Bullies, reflects her commitment to quality and excellence. These programs have not only inspired her but have also provided guidance and friendship over the years. Addressing common misconceptions about Shortybulls, especially in Canada where they are still quite rare, Jennifer actively participates in shows and pet expos to educate the public about this unique breed.

The Lifestyle of a Responsible Breeder

Breeding, for Jennifer, is more than just a hobby; it's a lifestyle and a long-term commitment aimed at bettering the breed. She emphasizes the importance of being in it for the long haul, willing to face losses, and always prioritizing the betterment of the breed over sales. This philosophy is what sets a responsible breeder apart.

Nutrition and Fitness

The diet of the dogs at Northern Force Bullies is carefully managed with high-quality dry food supplemented based on individual needs. Jennifer recommends the Canadian brand Inukshuk for its positive results. Keeping the Shortybulls in shape is a joyful task, as they naturally enjoy physical and mental stimulation through play and obedience training.

The Journey to a New Home

Jennifer takes great care in matching puppies with the right families, ensuring a seamless transition to their new homes. With a thorough screening process and regular updates to potential clients, each puppy is chosen with care and love. Moreover, every puppy leaves the kennel with a health guarantee and the promise of lifetime support from Jennifer.

Championing the Breed and Looking Ahead

With a couple of their productions currently campaigning in the ABKC and BRC Global, Jennifer's goals remain focused on producing top-quality Shortybulls and fostering great client relationships. She envisions a future where the bully breed community holds itself to higher standards, with more shows and qualified judges to ensure the quality of the breed continues to improve.

A Unique Offering

What sets Northern Force Bullies apart is not a spirit of competition but a unique contribution to the breed's quality and standards. Jennifer's life, though heavily intertwined with her passion for Shortybulls, is balanced with a strong emphasis on family.

A Nod to Bully Girl Magazine

Jennifer sees Bully Girl Magazine as a fantastic platform for learning about and showcasing the achievements of women breeders in the bully breed community. It's a sentiment that echoes her belief in the power of community, education, and shared standards of excellence.

As we wrap up this compelling story of passion, dedication, and love for the Shortybull breed, we invite you to stay connected with the world of bully breeds. Subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App for more inspiring stories, tips, and insights into the fascinating world of dogs.

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