Williamsburg Bullies: American Bully Breeder in Rhode Island and Las Vegas

Williamsburg Bullies: American Bully Breeder in Rhode Island and Las Vegas

Kristina Collins, the proud owner and breeder of Williamsburg Bullies, located in both Rhode Island and Las Vegas, exudes passion and love for her beloved American Bullies. Her kennel is a testament to the care and attention she gives to her dogs, ensuring their genetic health and socialization are top-notch.

Kristina's commitment to breeding healthy American Bullies is evident in the extensive health tests she performs on all her dogs. From hip and elbow grading, eye testing, and hearing tests, to DNA testing and thyroid checks, Kristina spares no expense in ensuring the health and well-being of her dogs.

When it comes to socializing her puppies, Kristina treats them as family members. She hand-raises them at home, introducing them to her baby and other children in her household. This way, her puppies get accustomed to being around people and children, making them perfect companions for their new homes.

Kristina's favorite bloodline is the Carlito Blood, Kingpinline and Devilspit. Her philosophy on being a responsible breeder is that it's not just about making money but loving the breed and treating the dogs as family. To Kristina, a responsible breeder takes their dogs to the vet for all their shots and health checks, treats them as family, and provides a conducive environment for them to thrive.

In terms of diet, Kristina feeds her dogs regularly, without putting them on a specific diet unless necessary. She takes them out for exercise, walks, and playtime, keeping them in good shape throughout the year.

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Buying a puppy from Kristina's kennel is a seamless process. Customers can place a deposit on a puppy at four weeks of age, and Kristina will provide regular updates and pictures until the puppy is eight weeks old. The puppy must be paid in full before going home, and it comes with a complete health check, deworming, and vaccinations. Kristina also provides health guarantees and support for her puppies after they go to their new homes.

Kristina shows her dogs and advises upcoming breeders to be dedicated to their dogs and not just in it for the money. She looks up to women like Dawn Jaggerline Inzadette Chikhaoui Jocelyn Alcorta, who are humble, genuine, and love the breed as much as she does.

Her main goal for 2023 is to attend as many dog shows as possible to get her stud out there and to do her first breeding with their franchise. Kristina's vision for the future is to see more recognition for the hard work and dedication that female breeders put into the Bully breed.

Kristina is a family-oriented breeder who stands out from the competition because she and her boyfriend are a team. They are not just breeders but also whelpers for other breeders. Her love for the breed is evident in everything she does, and she appreciates Bully Girl Magazine for its efforts in promoting the good in the breed.

Kristina's passion for her dogs is infectious, and her commitment to their health, socialization, and well-being is admirable. Her love for the breed is unwavering, and it's no surprise that her American Bullies are some of the best in the game.

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