The Ethical Journey of Breeding American Bully XLs | KIngdom Bully Kennels

The Ethical Journey of Breeding American Bully XLs | KIngdom Bully Kennels

Journey to Kingdom Bully Kennels

In the heart of Indiana, Kingdom Bully Kennels stands as a testament to Brian Kendrick's lifelong passion. The journey to this renowned kennel began with Kendrick's childhood trauma, a period when the presence of American XL Bullies brought much-needed solace and strength. It's a story of healing and companionship, a bond between a man and his dogs, forged in the fires of adversity.

Breeding Excellence and Health Focus

Kendrick's dedication to the breed is evident in his rigorous health standards. Each breeding dog undergoes comprehensive genetic testing, including evaluations for hip and elbow health, to ensure the vitality of the lineage. Kingdom Bully Kennels isn't just about breeding; it's about nurturing a healthy future for every pup.

Socialization and Training: A Priority

At Kingdom Bully Kennels, puppy socialization is a symphony of experiences. From litter box training to exposure to various sounds, surfaces, and environments, Samantha makes sure each puppy is crafted into a confident, well-adjusted individual. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) further fortifies their development, preparing them for a life full of diverse experiences.

Champion Bloodlines and Beyond

The kennel boasts bloodlines like Vietsharks Redlion, with a continuous quest to refine and enhance their own lineage. Kendrick's favorite, Nextlevels Ace, has been a cornerstone in shaping the kennel's breeding philosophy, blending aesthetics with robust health.

Busting Myths about Bullies

Kingdom Bully Kennels actively dispels misconceptions about American XL Bullies, particularly the myth of inherent human aggression. Through social media, public interactions, and professional training, he showcases the true, gentle nature of these giants, underscoring the importance of obedience training.

Ethics Over Aesthetics

For Kendrick, being a responsible breeder transcends beyond mere appearances. It's about a profound love for the breed and an unwavering ethical compass that prioritizes temperament and well-being over profit.

Nutrition: The Foundation of Health

The kennel's dietary regimen is a balanced mix of high-quality kibble, vital supplements, and raw food, ensuring optimal nutrition for every stage of a dog's life. Kendrick emphasizes the importance of a raw diet and supplements, tailoring feeding schedules to meet the evolving needs of his dogs.

A Home Beyond the Kennel

Kendrick's approach to finding homes for his pups is thorough and personal. From social media presence to detailed discussions with potential owners, every step is geared towards finding a perfect match. His commitment extends beyond the sale, offering a one-year health guarantee and a lifetime of support.

The Future of Kingdom Bully Kennels

Looking ahead, Kendrick envisions participating in dog shows, expanding his mentorship to upcoming breeders, and nurturing his partnership with Bully Girl Magazine. His goal is a more united, supportive bully breed community, driven by a collective passion for these magnificent dogs.

More Than Just Breeders

Outside the kennel, Kendrick and his family engage actively in the recovery community, reflecting their deep-rooted commitment to nurturing and transformation.

A Shoutout to Bully Girl Magazine

Kendrick's enthusiasm for Bully Girl Magazine is palpable. He sees it as an essential resource for anyone passionate about the bully breed, offering insights, stories, and a sense of community to enthusiasts worldwide.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Love and Passion

Kingdom Bully Kennels stands as a beacon of hope, health, and happiness in the world of American XL Bullies. Brian Kendrick's story is one of transformation, a narrative that intertwines personal healing with the growth of a breed he so dearly loves.

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    I have a autistic 12 yr old that when my back is turned will sometimes be mean to my 6month old bully an he goes after my son how can I train him to not go after my son just don’t want a incident that ill regret

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