Stay Gold Bullies: Pocket American Bully Breeder in Arizona

Stay Gold Bullies: Pocket American Bully Breeder in Arizona

Meet Ty, the owner of Stay Gold Bullies located in northern Arizona. Ty breeds pocket class American bullies, but also dabbles in exotic breedings, focusing on the functionality of his dogs. Growing up, Ty bred a variety of animals with his family, instilling in him a passion for breeding that he wanted to pass down to his children. Ty's kennel is based on family, and he values the relationships he builds with his clients, who he considers to be like family.

Ty takes the health of his breeding dogs seriously and health checks them for murmurs, hips, cysts, or abnormalities. His dogs are vaccinated before they go to their forever homes. Socialization is also crucial to Ty, and he provides "puppy playtime" and has his three children help with the dogs, teaching them bite differential, potty training, and other exercises that help the pups accept training and be friendly with other humans and dogs.

Stay Gold Bullies' favorite bloodline in their pocket program is "Rockomania blood," which brings everything they've ever wanted to their program. Ty's dogs get daily exercise walks, playtime with flirt poles, and equipment built to help them get everything out of their playtime. Their daily diets consist of "inukshuk marine 25," rice, yogurt, pumpkin, and fruits. The pups are given Purina Pro Plan with appetite stabilizer.

Purchasing a pup from Stay Gold starts with clients coming to the facility to meet the litter and the dam. For out-of-town clients, Ty tries to accommodate them as much as possible. After selecting their new family member, Ty requires a deposit to hold the pup until it reaches 10 weeks old, as they do not allow pups younger than that out of their care. During this process, a contract is signed for the remaining balance and pick-up date. Stay Gold’'s pups come with a health guarantee and a puppy package to ease their transition into their new home. Ty is always available for his clients to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

To Ty, a responsible breeder puts the pup's health and well-being first and foremost. Stay Gold's breedings take over a year to match the proper sire and dam to bring healthy bullies to the world and families. Proper nutrition and vet checks are essential, as well as open communication with clients.

Ty hopes to see the bully community focus more on health and not just on making money. Stay Gold will not just give up pups for the sake of a dollar. What sets Stay Gold apart from the competition is their "family first" motto, which is evident in the relationships they build with their clients.

In addition to breeding, Ty is also an MC/judge for dog shows in the southwest, west coast, and down south. He travels to different states to do shows, visit other kennels, and enjoy the camaraderie of the bully community. Ty appreciates Bully Girl Magazine for asking him to be interviewed and for providing a great outlet for information on current events in the bully world.

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