Splash Kennels_Cali: XL American Bully Breeder in California

Splash Kennels_Cali: XL American Bully Breeder in California

Meet Michael, also known as Mike, the owner and operator of Splash Kennels_Cali in Sacramento, CA. Mike's passion for dogs began at a young age when he was surrounded by American Pitbull Terriers. Eventually, he fell in love with the calm and gentle nature of American XL Bullies and American Standard Bullies, leading him to start his own kennel.

At Splash Kennels_Cali, Mike and his team are dedicated to breeding high quality XL bullies. They are constantly studying and learning about different bloodlines, including Camolote, Ironcross, Razor Edge, and Dax, in order to produce the best possible puppies.

As a responsible breeder, Mike knows that a love for the breed and patience are key. He also understands the importance of providing a well-rounded diet for his dogs, feeding them a mix of kibble, ground beef, liver, carrots, pumpkin, and oats. Mike recommends Pure Balance dog food and feeds his adult dogs once a day and his pups three times a day until they are 8 months old. To keep his dogs in shape, Mike takes them on hikes and plays fetch and flirt pole with them.

At this time, Splash Kennels_Cali has not yet sold any puppies, but when they do, Mike and his team will be sure to carefully interview potential buyers to ensure their pups are going to a loving and suitable home. Mike has big plans for the future and hopes to eventually show off one of his dogs, Ghazi, and his pup Shakur.

As an upcoming breeder, Mike's advice to others is to be patient, educate themselves, and seek guidance from more experienced breeders. He believes that the most difficult thing for people in the bully community to overcome is the negativity and backbiting that can occur, but he believes that humility and compassion can help to overcome these challenges. Mike looks up to Oliver from Pure Stone Kennels, Dennis from Backwood Bullies, and Q from The Alpha Mega Kennels for their dedication to educating and supporting the bully community.

In the future, Mike's main goal is to continue breeding high quality bullies and to increase awareness and understanding of the American Bully breed. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, dirt biking, and hiking. Mike is also a fan of Bully Girl Magazine and believes Bully Girl Magazine is a great platform for the bully community and a good way to spread awareness of this breed.

For more info on Mike and Splash Kennels_Cali, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine or download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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