Savage Beasts American Bullies: Mastering the Art of Pocket Bully Breeding

Savage Beasts American Bullies: Mastering the Art of Pocket Bully Breeding

Kayla Savage, alongside her kennel partner Lexi Miller, runs Savage Beasts American Bullies in Durant, Oklahoma. Their journey into the world of American Bullies began uniquely. Kayla, initially engaged in raising European Great Danes, found her new passion after encountering her partner's Bullies. This encounter led her to meet GrCh Bleu, marking a turning point that transformed her interest into a dedicated pursuit. Now, Kayla's life revolves around her thriving "herd" of micro and pocket American Bullies.

A Dedication to Quality and Health

Savage Beasts American Bullies stands out through its commitment to genetic and health testing. Kayla emphasizes the importance of Embark tests to understand the genetics of her dogs and relies on OFA certifications for heart and hip assessments. This meticulous approach ensures that only the best traits are passed down, contributing to the breed's improvement and maintaining the health of each puppy.

Innovative Puppy Rearing Practices

Kayla adopts the Puppy Culture protocols for raising her puppies. This method encompasses a variety of techniques like Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), startle response training, and reward-based learning. This comprehensive approach is key to nurturing well-rounded, confident, and loving dogs, ready to become beloved family members.

Addressing Misconceptions and Promoting Responsible Ownership

Kayla confronts common misconceptions about the American Bully breed head-on. She educates prospective owners about the breed's temperament and needs, ensuring that each puppy is a perfect match for its new home. By doing so, she actively works to dismantle the stigma surrounding these dogs, especially those with cropped ears, often misidentified as aggressive.

Feeding and Nutrition: A Tailored Approach

The nutritional regimen at Savage Beasts is carefully curated. Kayla prefers brands like Science Diet for puppies and Wholesomes Sensitive for adults, supplemented by tailored additions according to each dog's needs. This personalized feeding strategy is key to maintaining the optimal health and vitality of her Bullies.

Exercise and Play: Keeping Dogs Fit and Happy

Physical activity is a vital part of the dogs' routine. With a large fenced yard, the dogs enjoy ample space for play. Kayla also incorporates tools like flirt poles and spring poles for comprehensive workouts, ensuring the dogs are not only physically fit but also mentally stimulated.

The Journey to Owning a Savage Beast

Prospective owners looking to welcome a Savage Beasts puppy into their homes undergo a thorough process. This includes filling out a Puppy Application, discussing needs and expectations, and understanding the contract terms. Kayla's commitment extends beyond the sale, offering lifetime breeder support, a testament to her dedication to each dog's lifelong wellbeing.

Championing the Show Ring and Breeding Ethics

Savage Beasts actively participates in dog shows, with Kayla's 8-month-old puppy making its debut at the ABKC Nationals in Houston. This involvement in the show circuit reflects their commitment to the breed's excellence. Kayla advises new breeders to be realistic and prepared for the unpredictability of breeding, emphasizing ethical practices and the responsibility of not overselling breeding rights.

Community and Mentorship

Kayla attributes much of her success and knowledge to her network of supportive friends and mentors within the bully community. These relationships have been instrumental in her growth and success as a breeder and as a pillar in the American Bully community.

Future Aspirations and Unique Approach

Looking forward, Kayla aims to focus on her show dogs and selective breeding, striving for consistency and breed type improvement. Her deep-rooted love for her dogs and commitment to quality set her apart in the industry, a distinction she cherishes alongside her role as a devoted mother.

The Role of Bully Girl Magazine

Kayla's journey and success with Savage Beasts American Bullies highlight the essence of passion and dedication in the world of American Bully breeding. Her story is a testament to the hard work and love that goes into every aspect of breeding and raising these remarkable dogs.

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