PYP Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder in Georgia

PYP Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder in Georgia

Nelida Ortiz and Patrick Wilkinson are the proud owners of PYP Bullies, a kennel located in Columbus, Georgia. They breed XL American Bullies, having grown up around the breed and falling in love with the dogs' drive and temperaments. Pyp Bullies is committed to health testing their breeding dogs using Embark and Wisdom Panel, and they plan to implement OFA testing for each dog in their program. They believe that health testing is of utmost importance and should be a top priority for any kennel.

To socialize their puppies and prepare them for new homes, they expose the young dogs to a variety of sounds, visual stimuli, and different environments. This helps the puppies become familiar with various scenarios and build confidence before going to their forever homes. Nelida and Patrick favor the RBG, Greyline, and Gottiline bloodlines.

The couple works diligently to dispel common misconceptions about bully breeds, such as the idea that they are aggressive. They promote transparency, encouraging potential buyers and the public to meet their dogs and see how loving and intelligent the animals are. They believe that a responsible breeder should prioritize their dogs' well-being and happiness and ensure that each puppy goes to a suitable home.

The dogs at PYP Bullies are fed a mixed diet of kibble and raw food, tailored to each dog's needs. They recommend Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy, Diamond Naturals Large Breed Lamb, and Diamond Pro89 dog foods. Their dogs are fed once a day, which helps with digestion and maintaining proper weight. To keep the dogs in shape, they engage in daily walks, occasional hikes, yard play, hill sprints, and flirt pole and spring pole work in soft sand. They also plan to introduce weight pulling soon.

When it comes to purchasing a puppy from PYP Bullies, the process involves an initial questionnaire, followed by an official application. If the application is approved, a contract is signed, and a deposit is requested. Throughout the process, the potential buyers are kept updated with pictures, videos, and calls until the puppy is ready to go to its new home. The kennel offers a 1-year health guarantee, 30 days of free Trupanion pet insurance, and lifetime support for each puppy.

Should a buyer need to return or rehome a puppy or adult dog, Nelida and Patrick will take the dog back without hesitation. They plan to begin showing their dogs and participating in sporting events like dock diving and weight pulling in the near future.

For aspiring breeders, they recommend thorough research, mentorship from reputable breeders, and prioritizing health testing. They believe that staying humble, being kind, and maintaining a clear vision is key to overcoming challenges in the bully game. In the bully community, they admire Howard from Sparta Bullies in the UK for his transparency, dedication, and willingness to share knowledge.

Their main goal for 2023 is to complete their dogs' OFA testing and conduct an exciting breeding between their female PYP's Nero and Iron Bully Kennels Tamanaco. In the next decade, they hope to see a more united bully breed community with a focus on health testing and functionality.

What sets PYP Bullies apart from the competition is their commitment to treating their dogs as family members and prioritizing health testing. In addition to their passion for bully breeds, Nelida and Patrick also share a love for cars and racing. They appreciate Bully Girl Magazine for its advocacy of the bully breed and the insight it provides into the people behind these dogs.

To learn more about PYP Bullies, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and Download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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