Whelp your entire litter with Puppy Nanny

Whelp your entire litter with Puppy Nanny

Josie Gonzales, a name synonymous with innovation in pet care, created Puppy Nanny out of a pressing necessity. Faced with the monumental task of bottle feeding her family dogs' entire litter, Josie recognized the need for a more efficient and caring solution. Thus, Puppy Nanny was born, a one-of-a-kind multi-feeder that serves as a surrogate mother for puppies requiring bottle feeding. Josie's invention has not only revolutionized feeding but also brought warmth and comfort to countless puppies.

Puppy Nanny, designed by Josie, is the first multi-feeder of its kind. With a plush exterior, it houses two compartments; one holding a half-liter silicone bladder for feeding up to six puppies, and the other containing an electric heating pad to keep the puppies warm. More than just a feeder, Puppy Nanny offers comfort and companionship, replicating the tenderness of a natural mother.

Josie's invention becomes essential in various scenarios. There are times when the mother is absent or unable to feed her pups, or instances where the mother might not produce enough milk or may have an infection that contaminates her milk. In such cases, bottle feeding becomes inevitable, and Puppy Nanny, Josie's brainchild, makes this process easier and more efficient.

Setting up Puppy Nanny is simple, a reflection of Josie's thoughtful design. The flow required is determined based on the breed of the puppy, and the desired holes are made in the center of the nipple. The milk replacement is prepared, poured into the bladder, and warmed to the right temperature. Once the puppies latch on, they can feed naturally, cuddling under the plush Nanny afterward, where the heating pad keeps them warm.

Josie took great care to ensure the safety of Puppy Nanny. The design allows puppies to feed in a more natural position, reducing the risk of aspiration. The recommendation is still to monitor the puppies during feeding, a testament to Josie's commitment to the well-being of the puppies.

Constructed from pet-friendly materials, Puppy Nanny's corduroy exterior is durable, and the food-grade silicone bladder is safe for the puppies. Josie also included a heating pad with safe settings to keep the litter warm, showcasing her attention to detail.

Transitioning puppies from maternal feeding to Puppy Nanny might present challenges, but Josie's design is meant to ease this transition. With patience and proper guidance, puppies can adjust to this new feeding source.

Cleaning Puppy Nanny, another aspect where Josie's ingenuity shines, is effortless. The plush exterior is machine washable, and the silicone bladder can be cleaned with hot water and soap, then air-dried to prevent bacteria growth.

Breeders who have used Josie's Puppy Nanny have lauded it as the best feeder they have used. The invention saves time, reduces stress, and has received glowing reviews.

Josie has further plans for her innovative line, including the launch of Kitty Nanny to cater to the needs of shelters and veterinary clinics.

Puppy Nanny can be purchased on Josie's website, PuppyNanny.com, for $199.99, and Josie offers a special 10% discount to Bully Girl Magazine readers with a promo code.

With Puppy Nanny, Josie Gonzales has not only created a product but a legacy that reflects love, care, and innovation in pet care. Her desire to provide and create products that make breeding and whelping easier and more humane is an inspiration to the pet community. Her openness to customer feedback and her vision for the future demonstrate her dedication and passion for improving the lives of pets and their owners.

Josie Gonzales's Puppy Nanny is more than just an invention; it's a heartfelt solution that has touched the lives of many, truly embodying the spirit of nurturing and love.

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