Proper Ways to Exercise Bully Breed Dogs

Proper Ways to Exercise Bully Breed Dogs

Proper Ways to Exercise Bully Breed Dogs

If you want to keep your Bully Breed Dog in his best possible shape you are obligated to implement daily exercise routines in the pup’s everyday life. A dog that maintains his top shape is a dog that’s also healthy and happy at the same time. The perfect shape of the dog should be maintained to build muscle or gain top body conditions required for dog shows and other events.

There is no doubt that dogs not keeping up with daily exercises are bound to pack on a few extra pounds. This is especially dangerous for Bully Breed Dogs because obesity increases the chances of several diseases such as hip dysplasia, diabetes, pancreatic failure, etc. Not all hope is lost even if your pup is already on the thicker side, because the damage can be fixed.

Exercising with your dog is an amusing activity that can help you regulate his body weight, increase your mutual bond and live a happy life together. There are a lot of things dogs can do that will get rid of the extra pounds and regain a super-doggy-model waistline.

Why are exercises important?

A responsible owner is an owner that makes sure his dog is exercising on a consistent basis. It’s one of the best things you can provide for your dog, aside from unconditional love and tasty snacks. Developing an exercising routine will not only help with some health issues (heart and joint diseases), but it will also strengthen the dog’s immune system.

Some people think that overweight dogs are just dogs that are being lazy. However, the truth is that the lack of training isn’t the dog’s fault; it’s his owner’s fault. Owners that failed to routinely train with their Bullies since they were pups, are likely to become owners of obese adult dogs.

Even dogs that have a lot of space in the house or the yard to run around and spend energy can become obese. That’s why the dog needs to get a lot of practice while being supervised. While you are watching him and engaging him in various activities, you can be sure that the dog is spending enough energy to keep his body and spirit healthy.

Basic workouts for Bully Breed Dogs

We will present a few practical and basic activities that can direct your Bully dog towards a healthier lifestyle. Your dog is not obligated to perform each of the following every day, rather mix them in a way that can be fun and engaging.  

Frequent walking is probably the most preferred routine by all dog owners. Ideally, every Bully breed dog should be taken out for a walk at least two times daily. Some pups have higher levels of stamina and can endure long walks. You can spend as much as 30-40 minutes outside per walk with your dog. Choose a more natural solution, such as parks, to enjoy to the fullest. If you opt for a forest walk make sure your pup is on active flea and tick preventative treatment.

You shouldn’t push you Bully too far if he is not used to too much exercise. Whenever you sense he is tired and panting - head home and try to reach the optimal walking period in a few weeks.

Playing fetch

Playing fetch with your dog never gets too old. Fetching is ideal for owners that don’t have much time to spend walking. It doesn’t require much effort from you and even 10 minutes of fetch, twice a day can be enough to maintain your dog’s form. What’s even better is that fetch is extremely exciting and fun for the dog. No dog sees this exercise as physical labor and will gladly do it over and over again. You can use his favorite toy or a stick for this game.


Swimming is ideal for dogs that aren’t afraid of water (unfortunately some are). If your dog can swim, and you want to make them get in the water, you can throw an object of interest for them to fetch it. Swimming is an excellent choice of exercise because it activates almost all the muscles in the body and helps burn fat fast. 5-10 minutes of active swimming daily will make wonders for the dog’s body shape and form.

All of the activities we mentioned by now require you to live in places where there are a lot of parks, ponds, forests, etc. However, living in big cities provides obstacles as to where and when to exercise your dog. That’s why we will gladly introduce a few indoor activities for dogs.

Doggy treadmill

It might sound silly, but your dog might just like the idea of walking on a treadmill. More and more dog owners opt for this because the outside world doesn’t offer good walking conditions. Your Bully breed dog might have a hard time understanding what the machine is at first, but as soon as he does he will start enjoying it.

If you use a treadmill, be careful not to set it to high speed. Walking tempo is ideal and your dog can remain on the machine as long as 30 minutes per day. It’s better to make it two 15 minutes sessions with an interval of 6-8 hours.    

Use the stairs

Stair climbing is another effective method of losing weight and maintaining good shape in dogs. If the primary goal is for your Bully dog to lose a few pounds, this is the quickest way to do it. If your dog gets bored by stair climbing, try racing him down and up the stairs to keep him motivated and excited. Be careful not to spend too much time doing this because it’s quite tiring for the pup.

Now you know the basic exercises for dogs and how to perform them. Remember that whatever you chose to do, you must repeat it continuously for the physical activities to take effect. Don’t be discouraged if your dog doesn’t like some activity. All dogs are different and what’s boring for some is engaging for others. So, learn what he likes the most and get used to liking the activity yourself.  

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