Precision Bullies Kennel: Mastering American Bully Breeding

Precision Bullies Kennel: Mastering American Bully Breeding

Embracing the American Bully Breed

At the heart of Precision Bullies Kennel, located in Stockton, California - stands Jenn, a dedicated breeder of the American Bully, both pocket and XL varieties. Jenn's journey into the world of these affectionate and charismatic dogs began with a simple admiration for their personality. It's not just a job for Jenn; it's a passion fueled by the unique temperament of the American Bully breed.

Commitment to Genetic Health and Socialization

Jenn's approach to breeding is anchored in responsibility and care. Each dog undergoes comprehensive genetic testing using the Embark breeding program, ensuring the health and well-being of every pup. But Jenn's care doesn't stop at genetics. She ensures that each puppy is well-socialized, accustomed to loud noises, and comfortable around children and other dogs, setting the foundation for a well-adjusted pet.

Addressing Misconceptions and Fostering Understanding

Jenn confronts the common misconceptions about the American Bully head-on. Many mistake these dogs for pitbulls, but Jenn is quick to clarify – while they share a lineage, American Bullies are distinct, bred specifically for their non-aggressive traits. This dedication to education is a testament to Jenn's commitment to the breed and its community.

The Blueprint of a Responsible Breeder

In Jenn's eyes, a responsible breeder is more than just a title. It’s about comprehensive genetic testing, meticulous care of the dogs, and ensuring the perfect match in breeding. Her kennel isn’t just a facility; it’s a home that's always open for visitors to witness the love and care she pours into her work.

A Diet Designed for Champions

Nutrition is key in Jenn's kennel. Her dogs feast on a balanced diet of Diamond Natural kibble, enhanced with a mix of plain yogurt, sweet potatoes, oats, apple cider vinegar, vegetables, eggs, cottage cheese, sauerkraut, and condensed milk. This carefully crafted diet ensures that each dog receives the nutrients essential for their health and vitality.

Exercise: The Key to a Healthy Bully

Keeping her dogs in shape is a year-round commitment for Jenn. She utilizes a variety of engaging exercises, including flirt poles, spring tugs, and playful games of tag and fetch. This not only keeps the dogs physically fit but also mentally stimulated.

The Journey to a New Home

Jenn's process of pairing puppies with their forever homes is thorough and thoughtful. It begins with a phone conversation, where she gauges the potential owner's vibe and intentions. Jenn insists on in-person visits, allowing future owners to connect with the puppies and understand their personalities. This careful process ensures a perfect match for both the puppy and the owner.

A Lifelong Commitment to Each Puppy

Jenn's responsibility to her puppies doesn’t end when they leave her kennel. She offers unwavering support and a commitment to welcome back any dog, ensuring they always have a loving home. This dedication reflects the depth of her bond with each puppy she raises.

Showcasing Excellence

Jenn not only breeds but also showcases her dogs in competitions. Currently, she has two studs making their mark in the show ring, a testament to the quality and standards she upholds in her breeding program.

Advice for Aspiring Breeders

For those entering the world of dog breeding, Jenn offers sage advice. It's a path that demands hard work, dedication, and a genuine love for the breed. Overcoming financial challenges, she believes, is about passion over profit.

A Vision for the Future

Jenn's goals are clear: she aims to title each of her studs before breeding, ensuring they meet the highest standards. Her vision for the bully breed community is one of success and adherence to breeding standards, fostering a community united in its passion and commitment.

Setting Precision Bullies Apart

What sets Precision Bullies Kennel apart is Jenn's refusal to compromise on quality. Her dogs must prove their worth in the show ring before breeding, and she extends her expertise to training in obedience and showmanship.

Beyond the Kennel

Jenn's life revolves around her family and her dogs. Her interests are fulfilled by the joy and challenges they bring, showcasing a life rich in love and dedication.

A Nod to Bully Girl Magazine

Jenn’s respect for Bully Girl Magazine is evident. She admires their professionalism and the platform they provide for showcasing dogs and sharing knowledge within the bully breed community.

Conclusion: A Story of Dedication and Love

Jenn's journey with Precision Bullies Kennel is a compelling tale of passion, commitment, and love for the American Bully breed. Her dedication to health, education, and the well-being of each dog is a beacon for breeders and dog lovers alike. For those eager to learn more and stay updated on the world of American Bullies, subscribing to Bully Girl Magazine and downloading the Bully Girl Mobile App is an excellent way to stay connected.

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