PlayBall Kennels, LLC: Exotic Bully Breeder in California

PlayBall Kennels, LLC: Exotic Bully Breeder in California

Quincy, owner of PlayBall Kennels, LLC, hails from the sun-drenched landscape of Southern California, where he’s known for breeding Exotic Bullies. His kennel's future, he envisions, will incorporate French Bulldogs, a breed he has been meticulously researching. His interest in dog breeding is not a newfound passion; it was kindled by his childhood experiences around animals. Particularly, his father's involvement in Pitbull breeding set the foundation for Quincy's venture into the world of Bullies.

All breeders worth their salt know the importance of health checks, and Quincy is no exception. A key facet of his approach includes a comprehensive pre-breeding examination to ensure the breeding dogs' fitness. He doesn't stop there, though. His due diligence extends to proper precautions during breeding, such as female flushing and regular vet visits to monitor the puppies' health.

Quincy believes that early socialization is integral for puppies. His regimen begins with vaccinations against Parvo and Bordetella, an essential step to prevent kennel cough. Only then are the puppies introduced to dog shows and daily walks, ensuring they are well-adjusted and friendly with both humans and other dogs.

When asked about his favorite bloodline, Quincy doesn't hesitate: the RhinoLine. He considers it to be among the best and is excited to incorporate it into his breeding program. However, he knows that a breeder's responsibility extends beyond just choosing the right bloodline. He is deeply concerned about the short lifespan of exotic dogs and is dedicated to breeding fully functional bullies. He also takes it upon himself to educate potential owners and the public about the steps one can take to improve the breed's health, such as correcting under or overbites.

To Quincy, a responsible breeder is not someone driven by profit. Instead, they put the wellbeing of their dogs first, dedicating extra time to ensure proper exercise and a balanced diet. This commitment to the dogs' health is reflected in his feeding practices. Quincy is a strong proponent of a raw beef diet, supplemented with probiotics, carrots, strawberries, Dyne, and Salmon Oil. He also recommends Pro Plan Purina dog food, especially its grain-free variant, for its noticeable impact on the dogs' bowel health.

Feeding his dogs twice a day, morning and night, helps keep them in prime condition. The feeding schedule and daily walks ensure that his dogs remain fit and ready for shows, with a thicker appearance in winter and a slimmer physique in summer.

Purchasing a pup from PlayBall Kennels is a careful process. Quincy begins by understanding the client's budget and preferences for a male or female pup. His primary goal is to ensure a perfect match between the puppy's temperament and the family's daily routine. After that, he organizes a meeting for the potential owners to meet the pup. Upon purchase, the clients receive the pup's health records, but the relationship doesn't end there. Quincy maintains an ongoing connection with his clients, posting updates on his page and checking in regularly to see how the dogs are doing.

In the unfortunate event that a client can't keep a puppy, Quincy's policy is clear: the dog can be returned to the kennel to avoid ending up in a shelter. He also offers health checks and provides guidance on the proper care and precautions needed when owning an exotic bully.

Quincy's dogs are regular participants in the numerous dog shows held across California every weekend. As a seasoned breeder, his advice to upcoming breeders is to follow their own vision and not be kennel bound. He emphasizes the importance of social skills, networking, and patience in the business. Success doesn't come overnight; it requires consistent effort and a positive mindset.

But success also comes with its fair share of challenges. The most difficult challenge, according to Quincy, is coping with the loss of a stud, female, or litter. Such losses can be especially devastating when they occur unexpectedly, such as a puppy fading or losing a female close to the end of pregnancy. The only way to overcome such setbacks, Quincy believes, is to stay positive, learn from your mistakes, and keep working hard. High expectations, coupled with strategic and thoughtful moves, can help breeders navigate these tough situations.

Quincy finds inspiration in those who are making a positive impact in the bully game. Among them are Westmont Rich and 30 Rich, who he says have significantly raised the standards in recent years. Their success motivates Quincy to set his own high bar, with a primary goal for 2023 to establish a strong reputation in the bully community, letting the quality of his production do the talking.

A decade from now, Quincy hopes to see a bully community that breeds cleaner, healthier dogs and sets a positive example for the next generation. What sets PlayBall Kennels apart from the competition, Quincy believes, is his dedication to his own vision and goals, a non-competitive mindset, and his willingness to provide advice and guidance to anyone who seeks it, whether they are his clients or not.

Beyond his work with dogs, Quincy has a passion for muscle cars, specifically the Monte Carlo SS models from 1985 to 1987. He enjoys attending car shows, but above all, he's a family man and a proud father of three boys.

As for Bully Girl Magazine, Quincy is grateful for the platform it provides, not just for him, but for the entire bully community. He appreciates the opportunities it presents, particularly for the younger generation, to learn and engage with the world of bully breeding. His journey in the bully game, while challenging, continues to be a fulfilling one, and he is looking forward to what the future brings.

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