NV Kennels: Standard and XL American Bully Breeder in Maryland

NV Kennels: Standard and XL American Bully Breeder in Maryland

Angela Ayres, owner of NV Kennels in Maryland, is a breeder of Standard and XL American Bullies. Her love for the breed started with her own American Bully, Indigo, and her daughter's aspirations to become a veterinarian. Along with her husband and children, Ayres started NV Kennels, which is named after her children, Angelle Naomi and Rickie Vance. They focus on producing beautiful family dogs with a great temperament and a striking physique.

NV Kennels takes pride in their breeding process, starting with Embark and OFA testing to ensure their dogs are genetically healthy. They also socialize their puppies with their children, other dogs, and a variety of stimuli to prepare them for their new homes. The kennel feeds their dogs Inukshuk dog food and supplements their joints, heart, and reproductive health.

When it comes to purchasing a pup from NV Kennels, the process begins with an application to ensure the right match between owner and dog. Once a pup is purchased, the new owner becomes a part of the NVK family for life, with support and play dates with the kennel's productions.

Ayres believes that the most important characteristic of a responsible breeder is putting the dogs first, always prioritizing their health and wellbeing. She advises upcoming breeders to focus on health testing their stock, following breed standards, and avoiding shortcuts.

NV Kennels is not interested in competing with other kennels, instead focusing on breeding dogs that make great family companions. Ayres also enjoys being active in the baseball and horse communities outside of her kennel.

Looking to the future, Ayres hopes to see the American Bully breed become more recognizable and uniform in appearance, with breeders prioritizing health testing and adhering to breed standards.

Ayres admires many in the bully community, including Clint Lerner and Jo'el Marrow-Bey, Tony Gold, Rome Faith, Alex Ferraro, and Prie Roldan. She hopes to continue to build relationships within the community.

In conclusion, Angela Ayres is a passionate and responsible breeder who puts the health and wellbeing of her dogs first. She and her family at NV Kennels are dedicated to producing beautiful family dogs with great temperaments and are committed to supporting their new owners for life.

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