Northern Oak Bullies: Pocket American Bully Breeder in Minnesota

Northern Oak Bullies: Pocket American Bully Breeder in Minnesota

In the quaint town of Wolverton, Minnesota, the gentle hum of nature is occasionally punctuated by the playful barks of pocket bullies. This is the home of Northern Oak Bullies, a breeding haven founded and nurtured by Joshua Hitt. Joshua's affinity for the bully breed isn't a new-found passion. He reminisces about growing up around the old-style bullies, captivated by their magnetic presence and the way they effortlessly commanded any space.

The choice of the ABKC pocket bullies was a deliberate one for Joshua. He's taken aback by the breed's looks and the sheer passion they exude. But breeding these magnificent creatures isn't just about aesthetics. Joshua ensures that all his dogs undergo genetic health tests through Embark. In addition, as an added measure, they undergo pinn hip or OFA hips and elbow tests at the appropriate age.

One might wonder about the environment these puppies are brought up in. The answer lies in the innocent laughter of Joshua's 4-year-old daughter. Her interactions with the puppies are essential for their socialization. The outdoors and temperament testing further aid in ensuring each pup finds its perfect home.

Ask Joshua about his favorite bloodline, and his eyes light up at the mention of Goldenchild and his sire, Rockefeller. Despite his obvious love for the breed, he's no stranger to the misconceptions associated with them. Many associate the breed with aggressive behaviors and take issues with practices like ear cropping. Joshua tackles these stereotypes head-on. He recalls instances where he would let his daughter walk their female bully in public, letting the gentle nature of the dog speak for itself.

To Joshua, a responsible breeder is transparent, always available for guidance, and never shies away from letting potential buyers into their homes. Warning against breeders who hide behind closed doors, he emphasizes the importance of transparency in the breeding world.

Diet and nutrition are paramount at Northern Oak Bullies. The dogs relish a mix of raw dog food and wellness puppy food. Joshua swears by the wellness puppy brand, advocating its benefits for pups throughout their life. Twice a day, the dogs enjoy their raw meals, complemented by free-fed dry kibble. Exercise isn't just a routine; it's an adventure. Whether it's a session on the dog treadmill or an exhilarating horseback ride where the dogs accompany for half to a full mile, fitness is key.

Joshua's approach to selling pups is as meticulous as his breeding process. It starts with understanding the potential buyer's situation, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for the pup. Each puppy comes with a 2-year health guarantee, and in the rare instance of returns, Joshua personally steps in to rectify any behavioral issues and finds them a new, loving home.

Currently, while Joshua doesn't showcase his dogs in shows, he's brimming with anticipation to introduce his latest litter to the show rings. For upcoming breeders, he offers a piece of sage advice: the breeding journey is an uphill battle, filled with challenges. But with dedication and a clear vision, success is attainable.

When asked about role models in the bully game, Joshua's respect for Sean Liam and the Venom line is evident. Their journey, filled with challenges, resonates with him.

As for the future, Joshua dreams big. His primary goal for 2023 revolves around the development of his pups for the show ring, coupled with spending quality time with his beloved momma dog. He envisions a bully community a decade from now that's more cohesive, devoid of bickering at shows, and focuses purely on the love for the breed.

At Northern Oak Bullies, what truly sets them apart is family. Puppies are raised in a familial environment, devoid of cages, and are imbibed with manners from a tender age. Besides his love for bullies, Joshua's heart races for his thoroughbreds. Racing them and witnessing their majestic strides is a passion he deeply cherishes.

Speaking of Bully Girl Magazine, Joshua's admiration is palpable. He regards it as an OG pillar of support for the community. In his words, Bully Girl commands the respect of the entire bully community.

Joshua Hitt's story isn't just about breeding. It's a testament to passion, dedication, and an unwavering love for the bully breed.

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