Maren Peeters: Bully Breed Enthusiast and Rescuer

Maren Peeters: Bully Breed Enthusiast and Rescuer

Once upon a time, in the world of bully breeds, there was a young enthusiast named Maren who was destined to change the lives of many abused dogs. In 2015, Maren was just beginning her journey in the bully world when she bought her first American Bully, a 10-month-old XL Bully named Mr. Diego. Eager to engage with others who shared her love for these dogs, she turned to social media and attended numerous bully shows in the Netherlands.

One fateful day, Maren met a well-known breeder who was looking to host the ABKC Holland show. Together, they formed a partnership, with Maren arranging judges, handling marketing, and managing dog registrations during the events. She met inspiring individuals like Christopher "Bully the Kid" James and Dave Wilson and Deanna Johns from the ABKC, who left a lasting impression on her.

However, Maren's journey took a dark turn when she found herself trapped in a violent relationship. This unfortunate situation forced her to step away from the bully world and focus on her own survival. After two years of suffering, Maren bravely fled her abuser and began to rebuild her life.

In 2020, fate intervened once more when Maren stumbled upon a horrifying scene in Hungary: a kennel filled with 25+ abused and neglected American Bullies, including Raffie, who was used as a bait dog. Maren's heart ached for these innocent animals, and she knew she had to take action. She rescued Raffie and worked tirelessly to find new, safe homes for the other 20 dogs in the kennel.

This experience only fueled Maren's determination to rescue and rehabilitate more abused bully breeds. She welcomed Odin, a dog who had been dumped and abused, and Cupcake, a young Merle who had just lost her puppies, into her home. With her signature blend of time, love, and patience, Maren helped these dogs recover from their traumas and regain trust in humans.

As an influencer working from home, Maren has the unique opportunity to dedicate herself entirely to her beloved dogs. They sleep with her, join her on long walks, cuddle on the couch, and enjoy good food, all the while healing and growing stronger under her care. Maren understands the challenges of working with abused dogs, having been bitten herself, but she remains undeterred in her mission.

With her newfound purpose, Maren seeks to change the public's perception of bully breeds, advocating for their true nature as loving and loyal companions. She dreams of one day living in a larger space where she can rescue even more dogs in need, and she is determined to help create a blacklist to prevent abusive breeders from continuing their harmful practices.

For those looking to follow in her footsteps, Maren's advice is simple: time, love, and patience are the keys to helping these dogs recover and thrive. She also recommends checking local Facebook groups for bully breeds in need of new homes, as many are often underweight and unhealthy.

Maren's personal life has taken a backseat to her passion for rescuing and caring for abused bully breeds, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Her selfless dedication has not only transformed the lives of the dogs she has saved but also inspired fellow bully breed enthusiasts to join her cause and make a difference in the world. And so, Maren's incredible journey continues, with each day bringing new hope and love to the dogs who have found their safe haven in her care.

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