Lexi Miller: Bully Breed Owner and Advocate

Lexi Miller: Bully Breed Owner and Advocate

Once upon a time in the world of American Bullies, Lexi Miller discovered a passion that she never knew she had. In 2015, she started attending dog shows and spending time with different dogs and kennels. Although Lexi had dabbled in showing dogs as a child, it was with Bullies that she felt a different kind of passion ignite within her.

One fateful day, Lexi's life changed forever. Her ex went through cardiac arrest, and if it hadn't been for a 12-week-old Bully named Prodigy, they might not be alive today. Prodigy barked in a panic, alerting Lexi to the emergency. This extraordinary event deepened Lexi's connection and bond to the breed as a whole.

Lexi has since fallen in love with the structure and temperament of the American Bully. She finds them to be intuitive, intelligent, and loyal, as well as playful and joyful. Lexi enjoys engaging her Bullies in spring pole work, swimming, fetch, and even dressing them up for holiday competitions.

Witnessing a Bully on a spring pole for the first time, Lexi was captivated by their impressive display of athleticism. Her first dog show experience only served to fuel her passion, as she loved the atmosphere and the opportunity to socialize her dogs. Seeing the power and drive of Bullies in weight pulling, Lexi felt immense admiration for their determination and desire to please their owners.

As a hairstylist, Lexi easily balances her time between her career and being a Bully enthusiast. She makes her own schedule and ensures her dogs accompany her on various adventures.

Thrilled to be partnering with the talented and knowledgeable Natalia of House Of Issa Bullies, Lexi appreciates the mentorship and isn't quite ready to start her own kennel just yet. She values knowledge and experience in the Bully world and enjoys cheering on her affiliates.

Despite being new to breeding, Lexi keeps a positive attitude, maintaining open communication and focusing on the present. She's had memorable experiences, like helping her best friend deliver a litter of puppies in a waiting room before a scheduled c-section.

When looking for a co-owner for her Bully females, Lexi values loyalty, passion, drive, and understanding of the breed. She encourages those interested in breeding to study the breed, learn its pros and cons, and always strive for improvement.

To ensure the health and well-being of her Bullies, Lexi provides proper exercise, high-quality food, and regular vet check-ups. As for her breeding program, she has ambitious goals of producing Bullies that are as close to the standard as possible while maintaining excellent temperament and functionality.

Keeping up with the latest trends and information in the Bully community, Lexi follows like-minded individuals and maintains connections with others who share her vision and goals. She emphasizes the importance of loyalty and a passion-driven business when it comes to managing relationships with co-owners and other members of the Bully community.

For those skeptical of the Bully breed, Lexi playfully warns that it's the ankle biters one should truly watch out for. And so, Lexi Miller continues her journey in the world of American Bullies, embracing the experiences, relationships, and rewarding moments that come her way, all while remaining an enthusiastic advocate for these remarkable dogs.

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