King Pope Kennels: American Bully Breeder in Maryland

King Pope Kennels: American Bully Breeder in Maryland

Meet Gary Pope, the owner of King Pope Kennels in Maryland. Gary breeds American Bullies, a breed that he fell in love with for their unique look and loving personalities.

At King Pope Kennels, Gary takes the health of his breeding dogs very seriously. He ensures that they are health checked and given health certificates. Gary is also dedicated to socializing his puppies, and often takes them to different stores and parks once they have their shots.

Gary's favorite bloodline is Lucky Luciano, and he believes that a responsible dog breeder should breed to better the breed, not just to sell a pup. He breeds for the show ring and is constantly working to improve the breed.

The dogs at King Pope Kennels are fed a diet that includes kibble, coconut oil, cod liver oil, powder pumpkin, raw egg and a few other things, and Gary recommends Victor mixed with Costco brand salmon kibble. He feeds his dogs twice a day, and keeps them in shape throughout the year by using a flirt pole, spring pole and walks.

If you're interested in buying a pup from King Pope Kennels, the process is simple. Gary will let you know what he's asking for the pup and send you whatever information he has on the parents, including pictures and videos. Once a deposit is sent, plans for pick-up can be made. If you're within a couple of hours away, Gary will meet you in person to drop off the pup. If he needs to ship the pup, he can find a shipper for you at your cost. All pups are ABKC registered, come with a health certificate, and are microchipped.

Gary offers health guarantees and support for his puppies after they go to their new homes, and he is always happy to help with training, handling and breeding. He currently shows some of his dogs, including his ABKC, UKC, and ICBR champion Sir Sincere. He also has UKC champion Pure Anguish and UKC champion True Torment.

Gary's main goal for 2023 is to have at least two Grand Champions that he produced. He believes that what separates his kennel from the competition is that he doesn't talk trash and lets the dogs and their accomplishments speak for themselves.

When he's not breeding and training American Bullies, Gary enjoys electric and nitro RCs and loves spending time bonding with his dogs during show training. As a fan of Bully Girl Magazin, Gary believes that the team at Bully Girl is doing a great thing for the community, by helping people become more educated about the breeds and letting them know what a breeding program goes through to become one of the best.

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