Kelly Thompson Fitness Diaries: Sculpting Strength and Wellness with Misfitover40

Kelly Thompson Fitness Diaries: Sculpting Strength and Wellness with Misfitover40

The Genesis of Misfitover40

In the heart of Fishers, Indiana, where the spirit of wellness and community intertwines, Kelly Thompson, widely recognized as Misfitover40 on Instagram, embarked on a transformative journey that defied the conventional norms of aging and fitness. Her story, deeply rooted in the belief that age is but a number, unfolds a narrative that intertwines fitness, wellness, and an unyielding spirit to inspire and uplift others.

Embracing a Holistic Wellness and Fitness Lifestyle

Kelly, an Artist Manager, paid IG Influencer, and Model, didn’t merely adopt a fitness regimen; she embraced a lifestyle that became an antidote to aging and a source of boundless energy and strength. Her initiation into the world of weightlifting in August 2020, amidst the global pandemic, wasn’t just a pursuit of physical strength but a holistic wellness journey that sculpted her into a better version of herself, both physically and mentally.

The Evolution from Yoga Enthusiast to Weightlifting Addict

The Midwest girl, who once primarily focused on Yoga and Pilates, found a new addiction in weightlifting, a path that not only sculpted her body but also fortified her mental resilience. Her motivation, initially sparked by a desire to tone her triceps, hamstrings, and glutes, evolved into a relentless pursuit to defy the odds of aging, embodying strength and vitality in every facet of her life.

Navigating Through Challenges and Celebrating Growth

Kelly’s fitness background is not just a testament to her personal growth but also a beacon of inspiration for others who marvel at her development and growth within just one year of lifting. Her journey, however, was not without challenges. From adapting to a protein-rich diet to meticulously tracking her daily intakes to meet her bulking goals, Kelly navigated through the obstacles with unwavering determination and a competitive spirit that only rivaled herself.

Beyond the Gym: A Tapestry of Varied Experiences and Passions

Kelly Thompson, the powerhouse behind Misfitover40, doesn't confine her story within the gym walls. Her life extends into a rich tapestry of varied experiences, philanthropic endeavors, and a heartwarming tale of companionship with her furry family members, Bexley Rue and Norah Grace.

Kelly’s philanthropic spirit and endeavors have seen her working with local school systems, coaching cheer, leading a Girl Scout Troop, holding positions on Boards of Directors, and heading the PTO as President, among other activities. Her passion for helping others is evident, and she hopes that her fitness journey will inspire others, emphasizing that we are never too old to become the best versions of ourselves.

In the midst of her bustling life and fitness regimen, Kelly finds joy and solace in the company of her dogs, Bexley Rue, a 5-year-old French Bulldog, and Norah Grace, a 6.5-year-old English Bulldog. Bexley, raised from a puppy, and Norah, adopted from a rescue a year and a half ago, have become integral parts of Kelly’s life and family.

Bexley Rue enjoys the thrill of frequent walks in the woods and spirited runs in their large yard, chasing squirrels and rabbits, embodying a zest for life and adventure. On the other hand, Norah Grace, who endured harsh conditions before finding a loving home with Kelly, has limited mobility due to blindness and hip issues. However, that doesn’t dampen her spirit. Her excitement is palpable when it’s time to go for a ride in her doggy stroller, affectionately termed her chariot, with Bexley faithfully trotting alongside.

The family, including the fur babies, often vacation together, exploring various locales like the Smokey Mountains, dipping paws in the ocean, and strolling through the historic area of Savannah. Kelly cherishes the smiles and pure joy that Bexley and Norah bring to others, often stopping to allow people to take their photos, spreading a little happiness wherever they go.

Kelly’s life, interwoven with fitness, philanthropy, and the loving chaos that comes with pets, paints a vibrant picture of balance and fulfillment. Her story is not just about the physical and mental transformation but also about the warmth of family, the joy of giving, and the unspoken bond between pets and their humans. This rich narrative extends beyond fitness, providing a holistic view into the life of Misfitover40, where every day is a new chapter of adventure, love, and continuous self-improvement.

Stepping into the Competitive Arena: The 2022 Fitness Chapter

As 2022 unfolded, Kelly Thompson, stepped into the competitive fitness arena, marking her first venture into this electrifying domain. Her journey, which was initially sparked as a pursuit to tone specific muscle groups, had evolved into a full-fledged commitment to the bodybuilding world, with a rigorous bulking phase that continued until January, followed by a meticulous cutting phase in February, all aimed at sculpting her physique for the competition stage.

Kelly's preparation was not merely a solitary endeavor. Her home, filled with the lively patter of paws and the comforting presence of her furry companions, Bexley Rue and Norah Grace, witnessed her unwavering dedication and transformation. The walls, which had observed her meticulous planning, rigorous training sessions, and disciplined dietary regimen, also saw the moments of pause, where Kelly found joy and solace in the playful antics and loving companionship of her dogs.

In the midst of her intense preparation for the competition, Kelly ensured that the lively spirit of her home, enriched by the presence of Bexley and Norah, remained a source of joy, relaxation, and unwavering support. The balance between her stringent fitness regimen and the playful, loving moments shared with her pets painted a harmonious picture of determination, love, and holistic wellness.

As Kelly navigated through the various phases of her competitive preparation, her journey was not only a testament to her physical and mental fortitude but also a beautiful narrative of balancing passion, family, and self-care. Her story in 2022 was not just a personal triumph in the competitive fitness world but also a chapter where every moment, from the intense training sessions to the gentle nuzzles of her furry friends, wove a tale of strength, love, and perpetual growth.

A Mantra that Fuels the Spirit: Inspired by Edgar Albert Guest

Her mantra, inspired by Edgar Albert Guest’s poem "Don’t Quit," resonates through her life, fueling her pursuits both in and out of the gym.

Admiration and Support: The Role of Coach Kira Neuman

Kelly’s admiration for her Coach, Kira Neuman, a legend in the fitness industry, is not just rooted in her professional achievements but also in her humility, authenticity, and beautiful spirit. Kira, who not only strengthens Kelly’s confidence but also keeps her sails winded with knowledge and support, is a pillar in her fitness journey.

A Beacon of Hope and Resilience in the Fitness Community

In a world that witnessed the upheaval of a global pandemic, Kelly’s story unfolds as a beacon of hope, resilience, and an unwavering spirit that continues to inspire the fitness community and beyond. Her journey, deeply embedded with the ethos of “Misfitover40” and “Kelly Thompson fitness,” is not just a personal narrative but a universal tale of strength, wellness, and perpetual growth.


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