Hela's Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder in West Babylon, NY

Hela's Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder in West Babylon, NY

Joey and Hayley Alvarado are the proud owners of Hela's Bullies, a kennel located in West Babylon, New York. The father-daughter duo specializes in breeding XL American Bullies and their love for these dogs started when Joey was just a teenager. He used to help his friends breed pitbulls in the Bronx and he was fascinated by their loving demeanor, despite their strong stature.

The Alvarados take the health of their dogs very seriously and always perform Embark testing to ensure their dogs are in good health. They believe that a responsible breeder should have well-socialized dogs and they make sure their puppies are exposed to different environments and people to help them become well-tempered.

The Alvarados don't have a specific favorite bloodline, they go by looks, structure and temperament when choosing their breeding dogs. They feed their dogs dry kibble and some raw food, twice a day, and keep them in shape through various activities and playtime.

If you're interested in purchasing a pup from Hela's Bullies, the process starts with promotion, then a buyer will contact them. They will then try to make the buyer feel comfortable and they recommend visiting the puppies in person or video chatting to get a better idea of their personality. Once a pup is selected, a contract is signed, and a deposit is required to hold the pup. The Alvarados will send weekly updates and the pup will receive a health check from a vet with shot records and deworming before going to its new home.

Additionally, the Alvarados offer support for their puppies after they go to their new homes and are always available to help with any concerns. They believe that their puppies are more than just pets, they are family and they strive to make the whole process comfortable for their buyers

As dedicated dog breeders, Joey and Hayley currently show their 7-month-old puppies in the ABKC shows, and are determined to champ out their own Tini Martini and Gambino. The couple is committed to promoting the breed and working towards making bullies the best breed in the world.

Joey and Hayley believe that those looking to become breeders should have a love for dogs and gather as much information as possible before jumping into breeding. They recognize the difficulties that come with breeding, and emphasize the importance of learning about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into it.

The couple has noticed that the bully breed community is often plagued by hate and jealousy, which they believe is the most difficult thing for breeders to overcome. They hope to bring the community together and eliminate these negative emotions.

Joey and Hayley do not see other breeders as competition and are always open to helping others in the community. They believe that everyone has different ways of doing things and that they can all learn from each other's mistakes and gains.

In addition to breeding, Joey is a self-taught person with a variety of interests, including being a mechanic for the MTA bus company in NYC. He is always open to learning new things and is happy to answer any questions others may have.

The couple is proud of the Bully Girl Magazine, which helps showcase personal one-on-one with people and their kennels. They believe that this magazine is important for the bully community and is a great way to promote the breed.

Their goal for 2023 is to promote their dogs more and to achieve champion status for Tini Martini and Gambino. Ten years from now, they would like to see the bully breed community come together, with less hate and more collaboration. They hope to see the breed recognized as the best in the world.

Overall, Joey and Hayley are dedicated and passionate about their dogs and the bully breed community. They are always striving to improve and make a positive impact on the community. To learn more about Joey and Hayley, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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