Gorda's Bully Yard: American Bully Breeder in California

Gorda's Bully Yard: American Bully Breeder in California

Meet Lizeth Viramontes, the proud owner of Gorda's Bully Yard located in sunny Los Angeles, California. At her kennel, Lizeth breeds American Bullys - a breed known for their tough exterior, toned muscles, and loving personalities. But Lizeth isn't just in the business of breeding beautiful dogs - she also puts a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of her pups. That's why she uses Embark testing to ensure the genetic health of her breeding dogs.

But it's not all work and no play at Gorda's Bully Yard. Lizeth and her team make sure to socialize the puppies from a young age by interacting with them and introducing them to other dogs and children. And when it comes to feeding time, Lizeth mixes it up by offering a combination of kibble and raw food, including tasty treats like oatmeal, rice, beef, chicken gizzard, and even goats milk. She even recommends Victor's brand of dog food for those who like to stick to a specific brand.

To keep her dogs in top shape, Lizeth takes them on walks and runs to the park, plays tug of war, and even kicks around a soccer ball. And when it's time for a new furry friend to join a loving home, Lizeth has a thorough process in place. Potential owners must first be deemed responsible and are provided with all the necessary information on the puppies, including their pedigrees, pictures, and videos. A deposit is required to hold a chosen puppy and they can be picked up at 8 weeks old. Upon pickup, customers receive a starter basket filled with goodies and the puppy's health records. Lizeth also stays in touch with her customers and offers ongoing support and updates on the puppies.

But Lizeth's love for the bully breed doesn't stop at her own kennel. She has a strong passion for the bully community and hopes to see it come together and work towards bettering the breed in the future. In the meantime, Lizeth has her sights set on taking her dogs on a world tour in 2023 to showcase them at events around the globe. And when she's not busy with her pups, Lizeth enjoys indulging in her hobby of making custom clothing. As a huge fan of Bully Girl Magazine, Lizeth loves the platform, and believes it’s great to learn about other female breeders. She also uses the Bully Girl Mobile App, which she says is great for showcasing her dogs.

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