French Bulldog Temperament | What you need to Know!

French Bulldog Temperament | What you need to Know!

French bulldogs are cute and charming small dogs, yet strong and smart. Their flat face, cute pointy ears, and widely-set loveable eyes are the most distinctive physical features of the dog. They possess a unique personality that is enough to brighten your day, especially when you spend some time with them. 

The French bulldog breed belongs to the top ten of the American Kennel Club’s most popular list of dog breeds. Though little in size, they are one of the most dynamic apartment dogs one can find anywhere around. Another great feature of the Frenchie, is that they don’t always bark as most tiny dog breeds always do. The French Bulldog's ability to fit in most living environments, less demand for exercise, and small size, make them often sought after by most dog lovers. 

So far, this unique dog breed has been shown to express startling intuition, which leaves their owners amazed. Their specific ability to adapt to a new environment says a lot about their intellect. However, there are variations to their personality and temperament, ranging from the calm attentive observer to the highly energetic adventurer, hopping on and off the couch. The latter is readily triggered by almost everything within their environment. 

One of the vital factors that contribute to a dog’s personality is their immediate environment. The other one is their gene makeup. Every dog breed will differ even as we try to generalize and draw patterns in individual canine personalities. The truth remains that dogs’ personality is dependent on the personality and temperament of their parents, their upbringing, as well as the amount of training they have received as they approach adulthood. The most crucial stage of the dog’s life is the developmental years. Why? This is simply because it is the very root that shapes their personalities and temperament as they advance in age. 

#1: The French Bulldogs Are Sociable

French bulldogs are wonderful companion pets. They are playful, friendly, cuddly and very sociable. One can easily say that the French bulldog is a shadow to the owner. This means that they try to never spend any moment without being by their owner’s side. 

Compared to other pets, Frenchies tend to socialize very quickly with people, other dogs, and even other animal breeds. They get along very well with children of all ages but they also demand lots of affection. So, as an owner with infants at home, you should be prepared to share your affection evenly at any moment. 

As a pet lover preparing to welcome the bulldog breed at a tender age to your home, it is recommended that you socialize them as soon as possible. Doing this will spark the social adaptability they’re known for. Also, it will prevent this unique breed from becoming shy when it reaches maturity. Also, socializing your pet at a young age helps him/her to coexist with other pets with relative ease as they approach adulthood.

#2: French Bulldogs Are Emotional and Always Seeking Attention

One of the best things you can do for your French bulldog breed as a pet owner is to be highly sensitive to their feelings. However, whenever they want attention, they will find their way to achieve that. Most importantly, they just want to be loved, and can return the same to just about everyone.

#3: The Frenchie Is Stubborn Yet Intelligent!

In fact, many trainers have described the French Bulldog breed as stubborn, as it shows a hard time following orders. The real reason for this problem is that they do not usually respond well to traditional training. However, with proper and effective home and obedience classes, you can train them to learn just about anything.

They are also intelligent! Though they find it a bit challenging to adapt to conventional dog training, they learn clicker training and other variants of positive training more efficiently than most breeds.

#4: The French Breeds Need Great Deal Of Companions: They Don’t Like Being Alone!

As with children, or any being that is under your care, pets should not be left alone. If a French bulldog spends much time alone, it can suffer separation anxiety. Also, leaving your pet alone can make him/her develop some destructive behavior. This is why, as the owner, you should never leave your Frenchie isolated. 

The bulldog breeds are particularly domestic partners and possess affectionate temperaments. Hence, they need the owner to be close by at any given time. If you spend a great deal of time away from home, then the French bulldog is not an ideal pet for you. 

#5: Highly Demanding

If you can't meet their needs, it is better you don’t make the Frenchie breeds a part of your life. You need to consider this as a pet lover, before you go ahead and purchase or adopt one.

Compared to most small dogs, the French Bulldog's personality and temperament might just be the best. They are absolutely adorable, and can be tamed into well-behaved adults. On the contrary, they can become barky, aggressive and reclusive if they not properly brought up during their developmental years. Remember, it is your duty to give your pet the best care and love it needs. 

#6: French Bulldog Character and Training

As long as you understand their needs and provide them with proper care and love, the Frenchie will become a perfect life companion for just about any kind of family.

Having talked about their personalities and temperament, we would like to look at the basic things you need to know to be able to raise a well-behaved French bulldog.

Let’s get started!

Tips for Raising a Well-Behaved French Bulldog

To ensure that your dog is well behaved, you need to enroll her in puppy training classes. There, he/she will undergo some basic training such as obedience, how to relate with strangers, how to relate with other breeds and pets within their vicinity. Most importantly, your French Bulldog is trained to produce the best personality possible. 

The good thing is that the French bulldog doesn’t need any form of specialization, as it isn’t hard to train. However, training them may be quite expensive as with some other breeds.

Though the French bulldogs have been termed to display stubbornness, integrating the regular obedience classes with home training is sure to curb such an attitude, while enforcing what you want them to learn. 

Bottom Line

French Bulldog's can be excellent pets for a vast majority of people. Because of their sociable and friendly nature, they are regarded as the best pets for single families as well as those with a large number of children. However, this unique dog breed is very playful and demands a lot of attention. Hence, they are not ideal for people who spend most of their time away from home. 

Frenchie's are also ideal dogs for first-time owners, as long as they are aware of the time they should devote to their pets.

To wrap it up, French bulldogs are well deserving companion dogs that are sure to add a spark of affection to your household. 

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