Forza Built Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder in Florida

Forza Built Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder in Florida

Forza Built Bullies is a kennel located in Clearwater, Florida that breeds XL American Bullies. The kennel's owner, Hayley, fell in love with the breed after purchasing a puppy as a companion in 2015 and has since acquired several more dogs and bred multiple litters of puppies.

To ensure the health of their breeding dogs, the team at Forza Built Bullies uses Embark to test for potential health risks and plans to also use OFA testing to check for healthy elbows, hips, and patellas. To socialize and prepare their puppies for their new homes, the team works with a dog trainer and focuses on basic obedience training. They also expose the puppies to a variety of environments, including being around cars and living in a family setting with a young toddler.

Hayley's favorite bloodline is the Bossy Kennels bloodline. In her opinion, a responsible breeder is one who educates buyers about the care of the breed, is open to learning more about the breed, and ensures that the puppies will receive proper care in their new homes.

Forza Built Bullies feeds their dogs Instinct Raw Boost, a brand of dog food that they recommend. They vary the type of food based on the season, feeding their dogs a grain-free diet in the summer and a raw diet in the spring. They feed their dogs once or twice a day depending on the season, and keep them in shape by walking them twice a day and playing fetch with them for 15 minutes a day.

To purchase a puppy from Forza Built Bullies, potential buyers must first place a deposit which is typically 20% of the asking price. From there, the team will schedule a phone consultation with the buyers to discuss the specifics of the sale and answer any questions they may have. After the consultation, the buyers will sign a contract and pay the remaining balance. Forza Built Bullies offers a health guarantee and provides support to their puppies' new owners throughout the dog's life.

Hayley does not currently show any of her dogs, she plans on making it a priority in the coming year. She advises upcoming breeders to be passionate about breeding for the right reasons and to understand that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. She notes that there can be many challenges and setbacks in breeding, including failed breedings, infertility, and sick puppies. It can take time to learn what works and what doesn't in order to be successful.

One of the biggest challenges that Hayley sees in the bully breeding community is people thinking that their opinions are the only ones that matter. She advises breeders to be open to learning and to accept that not everyone will agree with their opinions. To overcome this challenge, she suggests keeping egos in check and being open to learning, even if it means accepting that others may prefer a different type of dog.

Hayley looks up to Sarah Roach of Kentucky's Finest Bullies for her ability to overcome obstacles, her passion for the breed and its health, and her strong work ethic and morals. One of Hayley’s main goals for 2023 is to focus on breedings with her dogs Rhyno and Duke and to incorporate new dogs into her program. She also plans to build a new kennel for the pups she will be getting this year.

Hayley hopes that in the future, the bully breed community will be characterized by more genuine support and less bashing of other kennels due to personal issues. She separates her kennel from the competition by offering a guarantee on the temperament of the dogs she sells. If a dog turns out to be aggressive due to its bloodline, she will either replace the pup or offer a refund and help rehome the dog. She emphasizes the importance of ensuring the safety of herself, her family, and other pets, and does not condone dog fighting or aggression.

In her spare time, Hayley enjoys working out, modeling, and competing in fitness competitions. She also enjoys spending time with her 3 year old daughter and participating in activities that interest her. Nasby is a fan of Bully Girl Magazine, citing its clothing line, show dogs, quality pictures, and tips from breeders all over as highlights. She believes that the publication helps the bully breed community learn more about each other as a whole.

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