Dozer Lion Project Run: XL and XXL American Bully Breeder

Dozer Lion Project Run: XL and XXL American Bully Breeder

Elodie is a breeder with a passion for XL and XXL American Bullies, and the founder of Dozer Lion Project Run, located on the beautiful Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. Her love for this breed began nearly 7 or 8 years ago when she stumbled upon a video of the legendary RCP's Jurassic Cezar, and was captivated by the perfect mix of physical appearance and temperament that the XL American Bully represented.

Despite the fact that the APBT is a breed prohibited on the French territory, Elodie's fascination with the breed never waned, and she is now dedicated to breeding healthy, genetically tested XL and XXL American Bullies. She ensures the well-being of her dogs by feeding them quality dry food, based on their specific needs and metabolism, and by feeding them twice a day.

Elodie's breeding program is centered around her beloved male, DLPR BAAL, who is not only the great grandson of RCP's Jurassic Cezar, but also the grandson of Babaline's Prince Hector, a solid and beautiful XL American Bully from the BGK's Cujo bloodline. She considers herself incredibly lucky to have BAAL as the center of her universe, and is committed to being a responsible breeder.

For Elodie, being a responsible breeder means having an almost intrinsic understanding of the complementarities between dam and sire, taking the time to select and think about breedings, acquiring theoretical skills on the canine species development and needs, and above all, respecting the animal. She is meticulous in her socialization of her puppies and prepares them for their new homes by allowing them to be with the pack and acclimating them to various people and situations outside.

In terms of keeping her dogs in shape, Elodie takes a laid-back approach, relying on the natural muscular and functional being of her dogs. Her pack enjoys daily games, races in the sugar cane fields, swimming in the rivers, rolling in the sand, and recovering in the fresh air of the mountains. Island life, she believes, is the best gym.

Elodie's commitment to her XL and XXL American Bullies is unwavering, and her passion for this breed shines through in everything she does. As a breeder of American Bully dogs in France, a breed that is not yet recognized by the Canine Federation, Elodie relied mainly on social media to promote her kennel and communicate with potential buyers. She was very particular about who she sold her puppies to, ensuring that they were compatible with the breed's temperament and that they would provide a loving and responsible home.

When it came to health guarantees, Elodie went above and beyond, performing DNA tests and preventive ED/HD X-rays on the dam and sire. However, she also emphasized the importance of responsible pet ownership, reminding buyers that they had a role to play in their dog's health as well.

Dozer Lion Project Run: XL and XXL American Bully Breeder

Elodie was not interested in the competitive side of the bully game, preferring to focus on her own breeding program with her favorite bloodline. She had her own set of principles, such as only breeding her dams once in their lifetime and refusing to practice ostectomy on her puppies' big ears, as it is not allowed and prohibited in France. Elodie believed in being true to herself and her values, even if it meant being seen as an extreme ethical breeder.

Aside from her passion for dogs, Elodie also enjoyed photography, music, and creating visual content. She once collaborated with a friend to create a video clip featuring her pack against the backdrop of the stunning French island landscape.

When asked about her goals for the future, Elodie talked about mixing different bloodlines and perpetuating the legacy of her beloved King Baal. She also expressed her hopes for the bully breed community, wishing for more awareness and care for the dogs behind the breeding goals, and less focus on profit and ego battles.

In the end, what set Elodie apart from the competition was her unwavering dedication to her dogs and her own set of values. Elodie is a big fan of Bully Girl Magazine and was grateful for the opportunities to talk about her passion for the bully breed.

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