Meet ‘Journey’: The Visionary Behind Dog Woman Dynasty

Meet ‘Journey’: The Visionary Behind Dog Woman Dynasty

Meet Ashley, the Heart and Soul Behind Dog Woman Dynasty

Ashley, affectionately known as Journey, is the proud owner of Dog Woman Dynasty, a renowned kennel located just outside of Houston, Texas, near the picturesque Lake Livingston. Her journey into the world of dog breeding began with a childhood dream and has since blossomed into a thriving enterprise that includes Journey Reign Kennels and Reliable Journey Pet Transportation.

Inspiration and Admiration in the Bully Community

Journey's admiration for two remarkable women in the bully community, Devyn Ferraro and Jamie Sweet, speaks volumes about her values and aspirations. Devyn Ferraro's passion and success in the show ring have been a source of inspiration for Journey. She has watched Devyn grow and achieve so much over the years, creating beautiful dogs and setting an example of what it means to be a dedicated dog woman. Jamie Sweet, on the other hand, is a pillar of knowledge and support in the dog community. Journey holds Jamie in high regard for her invaluable contributions and the wealth of knowledge she shares. Jamie's impact on the community is immeasurable, and Journey is grateful for her guidance and support.

Ambitious Goals and Exciting Projects

Journey is not one to rest on her laurels. She has recently completed multiple in-house breedings and is now focused on bringing in outcross bloodlines to enhance her breeding program. Her goal is to create the next generation of exceptional dogs that will continue to thrive in the show ring and beyond.One of Journey's most exciting projects is the development of a flight nanny certification program. Set to launch this fall, the program aims to provide quality transportation options for the community with certified flight nannies. This initiative reflects Journey's commitment to ensuring the well-being of her dogs and providing top-notch services to her clients.

A Vision for the Future of the Bully Community

Looking ahead, Journey envisions a bright future for the bully community. She hopes to see the community continue to thrive, with a greater focus on the dogs rather than the celebrity culture that has emerged in recent years. Journey believes that those in the spotlight have a unique opportunity to push the breed forward in a positive manner through education and community building. Journey emphasizes the importance of keeping the focus on the dogs and fostering a sense of community rather than cliques and drama. She believes that the next generation of bully dog enthusiasts looks up to current breeders as role models and that it is their responsibility to keep the American bully legacy alive.

Setting Her Kennel Apart

What sets Dog Woman Dynasty apart from the competition is Journey's unwavering commitment to her dogs and clients. She doesn't see other breeders as competition but rather focuses on being the best version of herself. Journey ensures that all her breeding dogs undergo genetic testing and that puppies receive thorough vet checks before going to their new homes. This dedication to health and quality is a cornerstone of her breeding program.Journey's open-door policy for client support and mentorship is another distinguishing feature of her kennel. She is always available to provide guidance and assistance to her clients, ensuring that they have a positive experience with their new furry family members.

Handling Returns and Rehoming with Care

Journey takes her responsibility as a breeder seriously. She has a policy in place to accept back any puppy or adult dog that she has produced if a family cannot keep them. This commitment extends for the lifetime of the dog, ensuring that every dog she breeds has a great home. Journey also assists in rehoming if necessary and loves receiving updates as her puppies grow into wonderful family members.

Passion for the Show Ring

Journey's love for the show ring is evident in her extensive experience in various dog shows, including AKC, ABKC, ABR, BRC, and USBR. She has been a handler for others and truly enjoys the excitement and camaraderie of the show ring. Although she had to take some time off to handle life events, Journey is eager to return to the show ring with one of her productions.

Advice for Aspiring Breeders

For those interested in becoming breeders, Journey offers valuable advice. She emphasizes the importance of research and finding mentors to guide them along the way. Developing a clear goal and having a passion for the lifestyle are crucial for success. Journey believes that true breeding goes beyond just buying and putting together dogs; it requires dedication, hard work, and a genuine love for the breed.

Overcoming Challenges in the Bully Game

Journey acknowledges that taking losses can be one of the hardest challenges in the bully game. Breeding dogs comes with its own emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows. However, she believes that how a breeder overcomes and pushes forward after a loss is what separates those who will remain for the long haul. Journey's resilience and determination have been key to her success in the face of adversity.

Caring for Her Dogs

Journey's dedication to her dogs' well-being is evident in her feeding and exercise practices. She prefers Diamond dog food for her bullies and ensures that they receive a balanced diet. Journey semi-free feeds her dogs, providing enough food for them to graze on throughout the day. She also incorporates natural play and exercise into their routine, allowing them to stay in shape and enjoy their lives as loved pets.

The Puppy Purchase Process

When it comes to purchasing a puppy from Dog Woman Dynasty, Journey takes a thorough and thoughtful approach. She screens potential homes to ensure that her puppies will be well cared for and loved. Journey explains the reservation and transportation process to her clients and provides a comprehensive puppy package that includes health records and goodies for the new puppy.

Health Guarantees and Support

Journey stands by the health and quality of her puppies. Her contract includes a guarantee against life-threatening illnesses or genetic conditions. She strives to create healthy and well-socialized puppies that will bring joy to their new families for many years to come.

Combining Hobbies and Business

Journey's love for travel has led her to create a successful flight nanny business. Over the past six years, she has traveled to many places, combining her passion for animals with her love for exploring new destinations. During her travels, Journey's dogs often spark conversations with people from all over the world, giving her the opportunity to educate and share her love for the breeds.

A Positive View of Bully Girl Magazine

Journey has a positive view of Bully Girl Magazine, appreciating its role in showcasing and promoting the breed. She values the magazine's efforts to highlight the contributions of women in the dog community and believes that it provides a positive platform for the bully breed.


Journey's dedication to her dogs, her clients, and the bully community is truly inspiring. Her passion for breeding, her commitment to quality, and her vision for the future set her apart as a leader in the bully game. For those interested in learning more about the bully breed and staying connected with the community, Journey encourages readers to subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App.

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