Dark Soul Bullys: XL American Bully Breeder in the UK and Poland

Dark Soul Bullys: XL American Bully Breeder in the UK and Poland

Monika Michalowska is the owner of Dark Soul Bullys, a kennel located in the United Kingdom and Poland that breeds American Bully XL dogs. Monika and her family fell in love with the breed when an American Bully walked outside of their house and decided to start breeding XL class dogs because they have always been fans of large dogs. Monika has many favorite bloodlines, but her top two are Bossy and MegaBuiltBullies. In Monika's opinion, a responsible dog breeder should be passionate about breeding, have a true love for dogs and breeding, and always put the welfare of their dogs first. They should also have knowledge about breeding and continuously seek to learn more, and be aware of their own limits and flaws.

Monika feeds her dogs a combination of raw and kibble, but only high quality meats and dry food. She also gives them plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, oils, and supplements. In the UK, Monika recommends Wellness Core with salmon and Clydach Farm, and in Poland, she recommends Brit and Purizon. Puppies under 4 weeks are fed every 2 hours with their mother, and the feeding schedule gradually decreases as the puppies get older. To keep their dogs in shape, Monika and her family make sure the dogs are active daily and work on endurance with a few dogs a few times a week.

If someone is interested in purchasing a puppy from Dark Soul Bullys, Monika and her team will spend time communicating with the client, either through messages or a video call. They will then send the client their Puppy Sale Contract and, if both parties are in agreement, the client will be asked to place a deposit on the puppy if it is under 6 weeks old. At 6 weeks old, the customer will choose their puppy and send the full remaining balance. When everything is complete, the buyer will receive a signed contract confirming ownership of the puppy. Monika and her team update the customers at least once a week with professional photos of their pup, and when the time is right, the puppy will be shipped to the buyer. Monika and her team always stay in touch with their customers and have formed many amazing friendships with them.

Monika and her team have attended one show, the UKBKC, with two of their dogs, Mr. Hamilton and Karisma. Both dogs placed third despite having little to no training, and Monika is looking forward to participating in more shows in 2023 with more dogs. Monika's advice to upcoming breeders is to have patience and perseverance, as breeding is not easy and there will be ups and downs. It is also important to do thorough research before breeding, as well as have a good support system and be open to learning from others. Finally, Monika advises upcoming breeders to always put the welfare of the dogs first and be responsible.

Monika Michalowska and her kennel, Dark Soul Bullys, are well-respected in the bully breed community. Monika believes that the most difficult thing for people in the bully game to overcome is losses, including the loss of money, dogs, and time. Adjusting to the lifestyle change of becoming a breeder can be a struggle for some, but Monika believes that every experience can make you stronger. It's important to have a supportive network of people who can help and rely on, as breeding is not a one-person job.

Monika looks up to Xxlock kennel, MegaBuilt Bullies, and Bossy Kennel because they bring something new to the game and treat their dogs well. Monika's main goal for 2023 is to continue creating amazing XL Bullys that make great family companions. In the future, Monika hopes that the perception of the American bully as a vicious and aggressive pit bull will change and people will recognize them for the intelligent and gentle dogs that they are.

One of the main things that sets Dark Soul Bullys apart from other kennels is that, although they have 20 dogs, they all live the life of an ordinary house dog. Monika and her family believe that they owe so much to their dogs and the dogs bring them so much love and joy, so they all live in the house with the family. Monika and her team work hard to teach pack life to every new puppy that joins their family, and it pays off. Seeing all 20 of her dogs, ranging in age from 4 months to 3 years, sitting in one room and really enjoying each other's company is the proudest moment for Monika as a breeder.

Monika Michalowska and her kennel, Dark Soul Bullys, are dedicated to producing high-quality American Bully XL dogs. Monika believes in keeping at least one puppy from every litter to upgrade their own program and believes that every breeder should believe in themselves and their own production. From their most recent litter, they kept 6 out of 12 puppies because they knew how much each one could upgrade their program.

In addition to breeding, Monika doesn't have much time for other hobbies or interests because she truly spends 24/7 with her dogs. However, she does have a great appreciation for Bully Girl Magazine, which has fantastic support for women in the bully game.

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