Corktown Kennel LLC: French Bulldog Breeder in Detroit, Michigan

Corktown Kennel LLC: French Bulldog Breeder in Detroit, Michigan

In the heart of Detroit, Michigan, a loving family-run kennel is making waves in the world of dog breeding. Heather Torres-Conn and her husband operate Corktown Kennel LLC, specializing in the breeding of French Bulldogs. Heather's journey began when her husband gifted her their first Frenchie. The dog's exceptional temperament inspired the couple to expand her bloodlines and begin their breeding endeavor.

At Corktown Kennel, the health of their dogs is a top priority. They use Embark for genetic health screening to ensure their breeding dogs are in prime condition. The puppies receive ample socialization from day one, as they interact with Heather's children and other dogs in the household. This early exposure to various experiences helps prepare the puppies for their new homes. Potty training is smooth, as the pups learn from the older dogs in the home.

Heather's favorite bloodline is Yolo, and she addresses common misconceptions about the breed with potential buyers and the public. She reassures clients that with consistent training, potty training a Frenchie can be a smooth and successful process. In Heather's opinion, a responsible dog breeder treats their dogs as family members first and foremost.

Throughout the year, the dogs at Corktown Kennel are fed Purina Pro Plan, food toppers, and Liquid Gold as needed. Heather recommends this brand of dog food and feeds her dogs three times a day, starting with a meal at 6 am. The dogs maintain their fitness by running and playing freely in the family's large yard, with no specific exercise routines necessary.

When someone inquires about purchasing a puppy from Corktown Kennel, Heather provides references and runs background checks if needed. Once a deposit is placed, she sends regular updates and photos until the puppy is ready to be picked up. Puppies go to their new homes with paperwork and a take-home bag full of goodies.

Corktown Kennel offers a six-month health guarantee and lifetime support for their clients. If a puppy or adult dog needs to be rehomed for any reason, Heather prefers to be notified first to help find a suitable new home. Although they do not show their dogs, Heather has valuable advice for upcoming breeders: don't jump on every trend, as many don't actually benefit the health of the breed.

Heather believes that the most difficult challenge in the bully game is criticism from competitors. To overcome this, she reminds herself that criticism doesn't define her worth. Heather looks up to Ali from Boldnorth Frenchies, admiring her knowledge and amazing, clean setups.

One of Heather's main goals for 2023 is to build an outdoor Frenchie playscape in their new backyard. In ten years, she hopes to see more unity among breeders in the bully breed community, as they have much in common and could learn from one another. What sets Corktown Kennel apart is the fact that all of their dogs are raised in the family's home and retire on their couch.

Outside of breeding, Heather is involved in buy-sell-trade ventures, while her children keep her busy. She appreciates Bully Girl Magazine as a platform for promoting and discovering what else is out there in the world of bully breeds. At Corktown Kennel, the love and dedication poured into each French Bulldog is evident, and the family's commitment to quality and care sets them apart in the industry.

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    Heather is the best at what she does and she really cares for her puppies and their clients.

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