Calis Kennel: Cane Corso, Frenchie, Micro Bully and Nano English Bulldog Breeder

Calis Kennel: Cane Corso, Frenchie, Micro Bully and Nano English Bulldog Breeder

Nestled in Perris, California, Calis Kennel is a haven for dog enthusiasts, operated by the passionate Jessica Calderon. As a lifelong Pitbull lover, Jessica and her team at Calis Kennel specialize in breeding Cane Corsos, Micro Bullies, Frenchies, and soon, Nano English Bulldogs.

Jessica's journey into breeding began when she got her first Corso. Seeing the high demand for this magnificent breed, she decided to supply these gentle giants to other dog lovers. At Calis Kennel, they perform wellness checks on all puppies before they're sold, and their dedication to pet care is renowned among local veterinarians.

To socialize puppies, they are introduced to other breeds and age groups at the kennel. This helps them become well-adjusted and prepared for their new homes. Jessica's favorite bloodline comes from Crown and TBC, and she's proud to showcase the playful, active nature of the bully breeds, dispelling misconceptions about breathing problems.

In her eyes, a responsible dog breeder is always available to answer customers' questions and offers support throughout the dog's life. At Calis Kennel, they feed their puppies kibble with chicken, vitamins, and rely on trusted dog food brands like Bully Max and Victor.

Keeping their dogs in shape is a priority at Calis Kennel. Older dogs eat twice a day, while puppies enjoy three to four meals. The dogs have ample space to run and play, with their favorite exercise being a game of fetch.

When it comes to purchasing a pup from Calis Kennel, Jessica offers a 12-month guarantee, covering any medical defects beyond the customer's control. While rehoming hasn't been necessary for her pups, she believes in finding the right forever homes for each and every one of them.

Jessica and her team support smaller dog shows and attend larger events, celebrating the bully breeds they love. Her advice for upcoming breeders is to treat breeding as a full-time job and not to expect overnight success. Overcoming time and losses in the bully game requires consistency and dedication.

Looking up to heavy hitters in the dog breeding world, Jessica's main goal for 2023 is to create her own stud from their lineup of five females. Calis Kennel stands out as one of the few kennels that promotes love and positivity, encouraging everyone to win together.

When not focused on her dogs, Jessica hits the gym every day to maintain her fitness. She loves Bully Girl Magazine, appreciating the camaraderie and lack of drama among female breeders in the game.

Through her unwavering dedication and passion, Jessica Calderon continues to enrich the bully breed community with her knowledge, care, and vision at Calis Kennel.

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