Bully Girl Magazine Podcast | Season 2 - Episode 2 featuring BullDoze Kennels

Bully Girl Magazine Podcast | Season 2 - Episode 2 featuring BullDoze Kennels

The latest episode of the Bully Girl Magazine Podcast dives deep into the world of the American Bully Breed. In this episode, Lisa Davis welcomes Yesi from BullDoze Kennels, a renowned mini French Bulldog breeder based in Chicago, Illinois. Yesi, who has a palpable passion for bully breeds, speaks candidly about her journey into the world of dog breeding.

Key Highlights:

  1. Introduction: Lisa introduces Yesi and her adorable Frenchie, a star stud of BullDoze Kennels.
  2. Yesi’s Journey: Yesi’s love for bully breeds began in childhood, with her first pitbull adoption when she was 16. She emphasizes the importance of erasing the stigma around pitbulls, advocating for their loving and gentle nature.
  3. Transition to Frenchies: Despite her initial reservations about French Bulldogs due to prior negative experiences, Yesi fell in love with the breed after acquiring a chocolate Merle Frenchie.
  4. Breeding Practices: Yesi is dedicated to responsible breeding. This includes rigorous health and DNA testing to ensure puppies are free from genetic conditions. She also prioritizes the overall well-being and longevity of her dogs.
  5. Socializing Pups: Puppies undergo sensory exercises that expose them to various sounds and experiences to prepare them for new homes.
  6. Feeding: The diet of the dogs is primarily raw food, which Yesi praises for its numerous benefits, including better digestion and coat health.
  7. Exercise: Despite their perceived laziness, Yesi’s Frenchies are quite active and enjoy spending time outdoors.
  8. Purchasing a Pup: Yesi emphasizes open communication with potential buyers and ensures they are well-informed about the breed and its needs.

Lisa concludes the episode by emphasizing the importance of responsible breeding and understanding the unique needs of the bully breed.

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