Brilliant Cut Bullys: Pocket American Bully Breeder in California

Brilliant Cut Bullys: Pocket American Bully Breeder in California

State your name, your kennel, and where your kennel is located.

Our names are Daniella Sola and Natalie Jesus, and we are the co-owners and founders of Brilliant Cut Bullys located in Sonoma County, California.

What type of dogs do you breed, and what inspired you to get involved with that particular breed?

We breed ABKC-Certified Pocket American Bullies. We owned a standard size American Bully already, but when we saw and learned about the pockets, we just fell in love with them.

What is your favorite bloodline?

The Lucky bloodline is what got us really interested in the pocket bullys.  

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a responsible dog breeder?

We believe a responsible dog breeder is making sure you are doing what is best for the dog and  not just for the money. Breeders should be knowledgeable of what it takes to raise a healthy, high-quality, fully functional dog.

What type of diet do you keep your dogs on throughout the year?

We feed our dogs Taste of The Wild. It is high in protein with just the right amount of fat.  Occasionally, we give our dogs raw food as well.  

How many times a day do you feed your dogs?

We feed our dogs twice a day. 

How do you keep your dogs in shape throughout the year?

Our dogs love going outside with us. They go on hikes and long walks, and during the summer they love to swim around in the lakes.

Walk us through the process of purchasing a pup from Brilliant Cut Bullysl from start to finish.

  • Reach out to us on Instagram (@Brilliantcutbullys) to talk about exactly you are looking for in a puppy 
  • We talk about your plans with the puppy and where you are located so we will know where our puppies will be staying.
  • A contract is sent to be signed and returned along with a deposit. 
  • We will keep you in constant contact on how your puppy is doing until they are 8 weeks old. Then they will be ready to go to their new forever homes. We will make sure they have their shots, vet visit and we will have started puppy pad training for you.

Do you currently show any of your dogs?

Brilliant Cut Bullys does not show any dogs at the moment due to the difficulties of COVID. We are planning to start doing as many shows as we can in 2022.

 What advice does Brilliant Cut Bullys have for any upcoming breeders?

Make sure you are as prepared as possible. Things pop up unexpectedly and you have to try and be mentally and financially prepared. There will be wins and losses, but do not get discouraged when that happens. Learn from every set back and loss and grow from it. 

What do you think is the most difficult thing for people in the bully game to overcome?

The unexpected loss of a puppy will be the most difficult to overcome.

How do you think they can overcome this thing?

Having a very strong support team who will be there for you is the best way to overcome. Without that, it will be very hard for you to get through various situations. 

Who do you look up to in the bully game, and why?

We look up to Clutch Kennels. They have the most amazing dogs and we love that they treat their dogs as part of the family. They are very helpful and are always willing to help out if you have any questions. 

Tell us about one of your main goals for 2022.

In 2022, we plan on having Ares’ second litter and attending as many shows as possible so we can try and hit that Champion status.

Describe how you would want things, in the bully breed Community, to be 10 years from now.

We would love to see the Bully community grow with amazing, fully functional, high-quality show dogs. We would also love to see the breeding community’s knowledge grow. We hope for the community to be close-knit so established breeders can help guide new breeders in the right direction.

 What separates Brilliant Cut Bullys from the competition?

We are just starting up in the bully community, so what separates us is our motivation to make sure we are doing what is right by our dogs. We put in the hard work and dedicate ourselves to do the proper research and ask a lot of questions to get the most knowledge possible to grow.

What other hobbies or interests do you take part in?

 We love the outdoors! We go camping, hiking, and love to travel. 

What do you think of Bully Girl Magazine?

We love Bully Girl Magazine! It is very informative on what is going on in the Bully Community. Bully Girl Magazine allows you to connect to other kennels that are out there. 

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    Hi my name is Ryan Garcia I was actually interested in finding out more information about your guys’s beliefs yet I don’t know the difference between yours is pocket bullies and your micro bullies I live in the state of California the city of Sacramento I will really like some more information my contact info is 916-868-7511 thank you very much and have a nice day.

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