Blue Diamond Frenchies: French Bulldog Breeder in Ohio

Blue Diamond Frenchies: French Bulldog Breeder in Ohio

Diamond Bester, the owner of Blue Diamond Frenchies in Columbus, Ohio, has always been enamored with French Bulldogs. She loves their unique personalities and their ability to become a part of any family. Diamond's passion for Frenchies has led her to become a breeder, and she strives to ensure that all of her dogs are well-cared for and loved.

Diamond is committed to ensuring that her dogs are healthy, which is why all of her breeding dogs undergo DNA and genetic health testing through Animal Genetics. Additionally, Diamond socializes her puppies and prepares them for their new homes by getting them accustomed to noise, children, potty training, and cuddles. She provides a safe, clean area for them to play and grow.

When it comes to diet, Diamond feeds her dogs a mixture of kibble and raw food, adding in rice, beef, pumpkin, eggs, salmon oil, and a mixture of veggies and blueberries. She also adds probiotics and vitamins to ensure their optimal health. She recommends Royal Canin dog food, as her dogs have had no food allergies, and their fur coats are soft and shiny.

Diamond feeds her dogs twice a day, increasing to three times a day if her females are pregnant. To keep them in shape, she provides them with a large yard to run and play in and takes them on walks.

Diamond's puppies are sold with vaccinations, deworming, AKC registration, microchipping, and a puppy starter pack. She offers a one-year health guarantee and support for all of her puppies. She is always available to answer questions or provide assistance to her puppy owners.

In addition to breeding Frenchies, Diamond shows two of her male dogs and hopes to make them champions one day. She advises upcoming breeders to have a good relationship with an experienced breeder, do their research, and be financially prepared.

Diamond's main goal for 2023 is to show her dogs more and get them to champion status. She hopes that in ten years, the bully breed community will be focused on bettering the breed and providing quality and good business across the board.

Diamond's kennel is different from the rest because she focuses on providing quality, healthy, and structured pups first, then comes color and DNA. She is not afraid of the No Pied No Brindle DNA and hopes to bring brindle and pied back soon.

When Diamond is not breeding or showing dogs, she works as a nurse, serving others and providing care to people in times of hardship. She appreciates Bully Girl Magazine for highlighting females in a male-dominated hobby and giving women a chance to showcase their love for the breed.

Diamond's love for French Bulldogs is evident in everything she does. She is a responsible breeder, committed to the health and well-being of her dogs and their puppies, and is an asset to the bully breed community.

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