Blowcold Bullies: French Bulldog Breeder in Houston

Blowcold Bullies: French Bulldog Breeder in Houston

In the heart of the Houston area, a passionate dog breeder named Allison Coale operates the renowned kennel, Blowcold Bullies. Inspired by a family history of lab breeding, Allison found herself drawn to the unique charm of French Bulldogs, which she now meticulously breeds.

Allison places great emphasis on the health of her dogs. She is diligent about genetic testing to detect potential health issues, using services like Animal Genetics and Embark. This critical step ensures the puppies she produces are not only adorable but also robust and healthy.

Socialization is a critical part of a puppy's development, and Allison's approach to this is simple yet effective. She provides her puppies with play areas, creating a stimulating environment for them to interact, grow, and learn. This method not only fosters the puppies' physical health but also their social skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future homes.

When asked about her favorite bloodline, Allison proudly mentions Pudgy Bulls, Maui Line, and Grinch. These particular lines, famous for their unique characteristics, reflect her discerning taste in breeding.

Her philosophy on responsible breeding is straightforward yet profound. She believes in building a strong relationship with veterinarians, emphasizing the critical role they play in maintaining the dogs' health.

Allison keeps her dogs on a kibble and supplement diet throughout the year, specifically recommending Pro Plan Salmon for its nutritional benefits. Her puppies are free-fed until six months old, after which they transition to a twice-a-day feeding routine.

Keeping her dogs in shape is a year-round commitment. Recognizing the importance of Vitamin D, Allison ensures her dogs spend adequate time outside, comfortably acclimated to the Texas weather.

Purchasing a pup from Blowcold Bullies is a smooth process. Allison provides extensive support and even offers a one-year health guarantee, as stated in her contracts. She stands by her dogs and clients, providing constant assistance even after a puppy has found its new home.

Two of her dogs, Gucci, an exotic bully, and Nia Short, a black tri Frenchie, are currently being shown, testifying to the quality of dogs she produces.

To upcoming breeders, Allison advises finding one's unique lane in the breeding world, choosing studs for the breed, not the owner, and promoting their kennel effectively.

She acknowledges the difficulty many face in the bully game - following someone else's vision. Her solution is again, to find one's lane, create a unique vision, and strive for relevance. "Don’t be scared to take the stairs," she encourages.

Allison looks up to a number of figures in the bully game, including Tasha Hays, Justin Crawford, and Kim Evans. These breeders, each with their unique approaches and successes, inspire her in her work.

One of Allison's main goals for 2023 is an ambitious one - to produce her first full fluffy litter. She's hopeful and excited, having just bred her last week.

Looking towards the future, Allison envisions a bully breed community where more people are knowledgeable about DNA across all breeds. She believes understanding this aspect is crucial to be considered a true breeder.

Allison prides herself on her commitment to her clients. Unlike some breeders, she doesn't disappear or stop answering calls once a puppy has been sold. This dedication to client service sets her apart from the competition, earning her repeat customers and high regard.

Outside of her work, Allison enjoys a variety of hobbies. She loves traveling, supporting Houston sports, and enthusiastically cheering on her children at their sports events. Moreover, she holds roles as an MC and Show Judge, further diversifying her talents.

When asked about Bully Girl Magazine, Allison shares her enthusiasm for its potential to spotlight the accomplishments of women in the bully community. "We are out here working, girl!" she exclaims, recognizing the importance of the platform in promoting the contributions of women in this sector.

Indeed, Allison Coale is more than just a French Bulldog breeder. She is a mentor, a visionary, and a role model, continually pushing boundaries to achieve her goals. Her passion for breeding is not merely about producing beautiful dogs; it's about cultivating healthy, vibrant breeds that can bring joy and companionship to their new homes.

Her commitment to maintaining constant communication with her clients, providing them support long after they've purchased a pup, is a testament to her dedication and professionalism. It's not just about selling a dog; it's about creating a community, a family that grows with every new puppy that finds a home.

With her sights set on the future, Allison is excited about the potential for genetic knowledge to become more widespread in the bully breed community. The more breeders understand about DNA and the role it plays in breeding, the better they can work towards producing healthier, more robust dogs.

Allison's work with Blowcold Bullies continues to evolve, driven by her love for the breed and her commitment to her clients. She looks forward to what the future holds, both for her kennel and the bully breed community as a whole.

This fascinating story of a dedicated, passionate breeder in the heart of Houston presents a compelling picture of what it takes to succeed in the dog breeding world. It serves as a beacon for those who share the same passion and provides an insightful glimpse into the life and work of an exceptional breeder.

Allison Coale and Blowcold Bullies are not just shaping the world of French Bulldogs; they are shaping the future of responsible, ethical dog breeding.

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  • Kim

    Ty so much Allison you are doing a wonderful job keep up the good work !!! Can’t wait to see your first full fluffy litter !! 🙏🙏

  • Bo Cruz

    One of my favorite breeders in Texas . We are proud of you Allison .

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