Beyond Breeding: The Heart and Science of The BigBull Family Kennel

Beyond Breeding: The Heart and Science of The BigBull Family Kennel

Nestled on the scenic South coast of Brazil in Itajai, Santa Catarina, is a haven for American Bully Micro and Pit Monster dogs thrives. Here, the sound of waves crashing on the shore is punctuated by the joyful barks of dogs playing freely. This is the home of The BigBull Family Kennel, and its passionate owner, Nicolle Miranda.

Nicolle's journey into the world of dog breeding is a tale of serendipity and passion. As a veterinarian, her love for animals was a given. But it was the mesmerizing energy of a Pitbull she encountered at 12 that truly stole her heart. A few years later, she received Buddy, a red nose Pitbull, as a birthday gift. This ignited a flame that culminated in the foundation of The BigBull Family Kennel. Over time, the adorable temperament of the Bullys, some of which visited her clinic, added another layer to her breeding passion.

At The BigBull Family Kennel, science and compassion intertwine. Nicolle understands the immense importance of genetics in breeding. Through partnerships with "box 4 pets", she conducts rigorous genetic tests on her dogs, ensuring not only physical perfection but also health longevity.

Yet, for Nicolle, the essence of a dog isn't just in its genes. It's in its soul. Each pup at her kennel is nurtured with love, playing with her son and experiencing the warmth of human touch. "We have such an important job," Nicolle muses, "We are their first contact with humans."

Her commitment to education is evident. Many often confuse Bullies with American Pitbull Terriers. Nicolle takes it upon herself to clear this misconception, using her vast collection of videos and pictures as evidence of the Bully's unique temperament.

Responsible breeding, for Nicolle, transcends just producing litters. It's about understanding the very essence of the dogs, valuing them, and ensuring they have a fulfilling life. Whether it's feeding them the best, like the Brazilian brand Prediletta Pet, or taking them to the beach for wild runs twice a month, every decision is made with the dogs' best interest at heart.

For those fortunate enough to purchase a pup from The BigBull Family Kennel, the experience is seamless. From vaccinations to a 90-day guarantee, Nicolle ensures every transition is smooth. And in the rare event of a return? She welcomes the pup back with open arms.

Nicolle's eyes light up when discussing her goals. 2023 is set to be an exciting year with the launch of "The Big Bull Family Ozone Care," her cosmetic line for dogs. But her aspirations don't stop at business milestones. She dreams of a future where the bully breed community prioritizes beauty with health.

While many in the breeding industry are fiercely competitive, Nicolle stands out with her belief in community over competition. "Every kennel has a personality behind it," she says with a smile. "There's a place for everybody."

Outside the kennel, Nicolle is a woman of diverse passions. From hitting the gym and traveling to spending quality time with her son and grandmas, she finds joy in life's simple pleasures.

When asked about Bully Girl Magazine, her face breaks into a wide grin. "I loved the idea! It's about time the bully game recognized the power of girl breeders. Much love to you guys."

As the sun sets over Itajai, casting a golden hue over The BigBull Family Kennel, one thing is clear: Nicolle Miranda isn't just breeding dogs; she's crafting a legacy of love, passion, and excellence in the world of bully breeds.

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