Bandsome Bullies: Breeding with Heart, Compassion, and Excellence

Bandsome Bullies: Breeding with Heart, Compassion, and Excellence

In the quaint towns of New York, NY, and Sussex, New Jersey, John Thomas and Entiqa Lane have set up Bandsome Bullies, their pride and joy. This duo is dedicated to the breeding of American Bullies & French Bulldogs, their passion stemming from their love for the breed's remarkable temperament, genetic patterns, and captivating appearance.

"It's not just about breeding," John mentions, "it's about understanding the breed, cherishing its history and creating a future for it." The couple is strict about the health of their dogs, relying on Embark testing and also ensuring hip and elbow conditions are tested for, guaranteeing only the best genetics get passed on.

With a 4-year-old daughter playing a significant role in socializing the puppies, the home environment at Bandsome Bullies is familial and warm. "It's about creating a balance between natural canine behavior and adapting to human surroundings," Entiqa adds.

John's eyes light up when asked about his favorite bloodline. "Goldenchild and its sire, Rockefeller, are exquisite in terms of structure." Yet, with the admiration for the breed comes the responsibility to address misconceptions. The duo often educates potential buyers and the public about the difference between American Bullies and the American Pitbull Terrier, emphasizing that it's not the breed but poor ownership that sometimes leads to unfavorable behaviors.

"To be a responsible breeder," John reflects, "you need patience, love, financial readiness for healthcare, and a profound understanding of training." Their dogs thrive on a diet mixed with raw food and Wellness puppy food, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet for the breed.

For those looking to become part of the Bandsome Bullies family, the process is thorough yet rewarding. After initial inquiries, potential owners are taken through a comprehensive process that ensures the pup's welfare, culminating in a home filled with joy.

This commitment extends post-purchase. "We provide two years of health guarantee and support," Entiqa says, stressing their lifelong commitment to every dog they breed. "Should there be any issues, our doors are always open for returns, training, and rehoming."

But it's not all business for John and Entiqa. They dream big, with aspirations of showcasing their dogs and inspiring others with their distinct bully breeds. The couple admires industry stalwarts like L.O.E718Bullies and Bossy Kennels, drawing inspiration and knowledge from their successes.

Looking forward, John and Entiqa hope to further solidify their position in the bully game, with a primary goal to produce even more healthy and joyful American Bullies & French Bulldogs. They also have personal aspirations, like John's ambition to become a veterinarian.

When asked about the future of the bully community, Entiqa's response is heartfelt. "More love, care, and compassion. While competition is innate, we must remember our core responsibilities as breeders."

Apart from their breeding endeavors, the couple is invested in K9 training, with dreams of setting up an animal sanctuary or rescue for abandoned bullies.

On the topic of Bully Girl Magazine, John concludes, "It's platforms like these that bridge gaps, share knowledge, and celebrate the bully breed. We're grateful for the opportunity to share our story and our dogs with the world."

With a blend of love, professionalism, and dedication, Bandsome Bullies is indeed setting a gold standard in the world of bully breeding.

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