Bag Baby Bullies: Nano, Micro and Pocket Bully Breeder in Florida

Bag Baby Bullies: Nano, Micro and Pocket Bully Breeder in Florida

Dayna, the owner of Bag Baby Bullies, has a heart full of love for her furry friends. Located in the Tampa Bay Area, Dayna breeds nano, micro, and pocket bullies, as well as Frenchies. Her inspiration to breed these particular breeds started with her husband purchasing designer puppies that garnered so much attention from people everywhere they went. The attention was overwhelming, and Dayna knew that she had something big in her hands, which prompted her to prepare her family for this new venture.

As a responsible dog breeder, Dayna ensures that her breeding dogs undergo regular physicals, paying close attention to their hips, spine, trachea, elbows, eyes, and patellas. Moreover, her breeding dogs undergo tests for genetic health conditions such as DM, CMR1, HUU, JHC, and routine fecal/heart worm testing.

To prepare her puppies for their new homes, Dayna raises them on a strict TLC regimen, starting at 5 am. She takes them everywhere she goes and teaches them puppy grade school etiquette from the Whelping box until they are in their new owner's arms.

Dayna's favorite bloodline includes the world-famous King Miagi, Giagi, Veneno, and Dax for her current bullies. She also has the daughter of @iamkingox, belonging to rapper and entrepreneur Kevin Gates, for her Frenchies.

As a dog lover, Dayna believes that spending quality one-on-one time with animals is crucial to their health and development. She cares more about their well-being and quality of life than a dollar, which is the characteristic of a responsible dog breeder.

Dayna feeds her bullies a high protein diet and stays away from all table food. Her bullies eat Victor Hi-Pro, while her smaller breeds eat Purina Pro Plan small diet dog food, twice a day.

Dayna keeps her dogs in shape throughout the year with unlimited space to exercise on her large estate filled with gardens and fountains. They enjoy beach runs when they are not playing in their indoor treadmill during bad weather.

To purchase a pup from Dayna's kennel, interested buyers can visit for in-person and virtual appointments to view puppies free of charge. Prospective buyers need to go through an application process, and Dayna tries her best to find them the perfect home. If it's not the right match, Dayna won't close the deal, as she cares more about their quality of life than money.

Dayna offers detailed documentation of her puppies' health records and provides her customers with a window period of continuing with the same health coverage offered through a well-known and respected chain pet hospital or finding their medical provider.

Dayna currently shows her dogs and offers advice to upcoming breeders to do extensive homework before getting involved, be humane, and love their dogs daily. She believes that the most challenging thing for people in the bully game is greed and the lengths people go to get these dogs, which affects the safety of her staff and babies.

Dayna believes that the bully breed community should have more heart and less greed in the next ten years. What separates her kennel from the competition is that they are quality-oriented, with quality over quantity.

Dayna has an obsession with reading and learning and loves to build and stay sharp mentally. She is a global OTT platform owner of @sckmediatv and owns a trucking company, being a licensed truck driver. She just completed real estate school and is getting into investing in land for her children and children's children.

Dayna thinks highly of Bully Girl Magazine, for its combination of pretty women and pretty dogs, making them unstoppable.

To learn more about Dayna or Bag Baby Bullies, subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App, available in the Apple and Google Play Stores.


  • keith

    I have a Pocket Bully he is a 10 month old beauty about 65 pound tri-color blue/grey and tan markings. I’m thinking about breeding him. I don’t like to fix my dogs but he’s pretty sexual aggressive lol. I’m reaching out to sellers in the area to see if I should breed or snip. Never breed any dog and never had interest in doing so but he’s a GEM. He has papers need to register still.

  • khataleya

    Hello I follow u

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