Badbaby Kennels: Family-Friendly Pocket and Micro American Bullies

Badbaby Kennels: Family-Friendly Pocket and Micro American Bullies

Introducing Keyla Fausto and Badbaby Kennels

Meet Keyla Fausto, the spirited owner and breeder behind Badbaby Kennels, located in the heart of Modesto, California. Keyla specializes in breeding distinctive pocket and micro American bullies, a breed that has been part of her life since childhood. Growing up in a family that embraced the bully culture, her passion for these dogs is deeply rooted and evident in every aspect of her breeding practice. At Badbaby Kennels, Keyla focuses on more than just breeding; she's committed to raising well-adjusted, healthy dogs. Her dedication is reflected in the popularity and demand for her pocket bully and micro American bully puppies.

Breeding with Passion and Care

Keyla's journey into the world of American bullies was inspired by her family's decade-long involvement with the breed. Her kennel, Badbaby Kennels, focuses on pocket and micro bullies—varieties known for their compact size and robust temperament. Despite some breeders opting for extensive genetic testing, Keyla trusts the natural health and vigor of her dogs. She believes that as long as they are active and happy, extensive testing is unnecessary. Keyla emphasizes that her approach might differ from others, but her primary concern is the well-being of her dogs, ensuring they lead functional, joyful lives without undue stress.

Socialization and Preparation for New Homes

At Badbaby Kennels, puppies are not just bred; they are raised to fit seamlessly into their new homes. Keyla utilizes social media platforms to introduce the puppies to potential families through skits and reels that showcase the pups in their most natural states. Each puppy leaves the kennel with a grooming session, updated shot records, and all necessary registration forms. This meticulous preparation helps ease the transition for the puppies and their new owners, providing a solid foundation for a happy life. Keyla’s proactive socialization tactics ensure that each micro American bully puppy adjusts well to their new environments, making them perfect family additions.

Addressing Misconceptions and Promoting the Breed

Keyla is quick to address common misconceptions about the bully breed, especially the myth that they aren't suitable for families with children. In her experience, bullies are incredibly kid-friendly and adaptable, making them excellent family dogs. This aligns with her personal experience, as her own bullies are like siblings to her daughter. She often invites families to visit her kennel to see firsthand how gentle and loving the bullies are with children. Her efforts extend to educating the public through community outreach and open house events, further advocating for the breed's family-friendly nature.

A Day in the Life at Badbaby Kennels

Keyla's approach to caring for her dogs is straightforward—ensuring they are happy and healthy. She doesn't stick to a strict diet plan, instead feeding her dogs three times a day and ensuring puppies eat every two hours. Exercise is a crucial part of their routine, with frequent games of fetch keeping both the pocket and micro bullies in excellent shape. Besides physical activity, she engages her dogs in mental stimulation activities to keep their minds sharp. The well-rounded care regime helps maintain the pocket bully temperament as lively and responsive, ideal for any active family.

The Process of Purchasing a Puppy

Keyla has streamlined the process of buying a puppy from Badbaby Kennels to ensure comfort and ease for her clients. From discussing the puppy's lineage and health to negotiating a suitable price, she makes sure each step is clear and simple. Once a puppy is ready to leave, Keyla personally delivers it to its new home, providing a seamless transition for both the puppy and the buyer. This personalized approach not only builds trust but also allows her to maintain a connection with the puppies and their new families. Her dedication to client satisfaction and puppy well-being sets her apart in the micro bully market.

Support Beyond the Sale

Keyla stands behind every puppy she sells, offering health guarantees and support after they go to their new homes. Although she has not faced many instances of returns, she is prepared to rehome any dogs if needed, ensuring they always have a place at her kennel. She emphasizes ongoing support, offering advice and guidance to new owners as they integrate their new pet into the family. This commitment to after-sale support cements her reputation as a dedicated and responsible breeder. Her approach ensures a lifetime of happiness and health for every dog that leaves Badbaby Kennels.

Achievements and Aspirations

Currently, Keyla is showcasing her stud, Gemini, in various dog shows, and her goal for this year is to increase his presence in the bully community. Her advice for new breeders is encouraging—remind them that everyone starts somewhere, and initial discouragements are merely stepping stones to success. She plans to continue participating in shows and events to highlight the qualities of her breeds. Keyla also aims to mentor new breeders, sharing her knowledge and experiences to help them succeed. Her proactive involvement in the community not only raises the profile of her kennel but also contributes positively to the breed's reputation.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Keyla hopes the bully breed community continues to thrive with the same vibrant energy it has today. She envisions a future where the camaraderie and passion for the breed remain unchanged, a testament to the strong, supportive network that defines the bully community. Keyla's commitment to maintaining this vibrant culture is evident in her active participation and support for fellow breeders. She hopes her efforts will inspire others to sustain this positive momentum, ensuring the bully breed's legacy continues for generations. Her dedication is a beacon for those within the bully community and beyond, exemplifying what it means to be a part of something larger than oneself.

A Unique Philosophy

What sets Badbaby Kennels apart is Keyla's belief that there is no real competition in the bully breeding world. Instead, she views the community as a large, extended family where everyone supports each other. This philosophy extends beyond her professional life, as she also enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, nurturing the same values of family and community. Her unique approach fosters a sense of belonging and support among breeders, which she believes is crucial for the breed's future. By promoting a collaborative environment, Keyla ensures that the community remains strong and united, facing any challenges together.


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Supporting Women in the Bully World

Keyla has high praise for Bully Girl Magazine, recognizing it as a platform that empowers women within the bully breeding community. She values the visibility and support it provides to women breeders, contributing to their success and recognition in the field. Her endorsement of the magazine highlights its role in fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for women in the industry. Through her involvement, Keyla aims to inspire more women to take active roles in breeding and shaping the future of the bully breeds. She believes that empowering women will lead to a more dynamic and progressive community, benefitting everyone involved.

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