American Bully Breeding: The Story of HillSideBullyz Kennel

American Bully Breeding: The Story of HillSideBullyz Kennel

From the serene landscapes of Porterville, California, a story of passion and dedication unfolds, showcasing the love for a unique canine breed. Meet Enrique Barajas Jr., the proud owner of HillSideBullyz, whose life is a testament to the loyalty and beauty of the American Bully.

The American Bully: A Breed Like No Other

What draws a person to the American Bully breed? For Enrique, it's their unmistakable blocky face, chiseled cheeks, solid structure, and above all, their exceptional temperament. American Bullys are not what stereotypes and misconceptions suggest. Rather, these dogs are bred for quality, temperament, and companionship, providing a best friend to families who welcome them into their homes.

Breeding Excellence and Health: Promises for the Future

Enrique is currently not conducting genetic health tests on his dogs but is committed to starting in the future. His focus is on continuing to breed show-quality dogs that surpass the attributes of their parents and beautifully represent the breed at every possible event.

Puppy Socialization and Protection from Harm

The socialization process is a delicate balance. While Enrique makes sure his puppies are familiar with family life, playtime with children, and the normal household chaos, he does not introduce them to outside socialization. His reason lies in caring for their fragile immune systems and safeguarding them against viruses like parvovirus, ensuring their health remains intact.

Nourishing Body and Soul

The diet at HillSideBullyz is straightforward: high-quality kibble. Sometimes Enrique adds green tripe for its health benefits, but raw meat is not part of his feeding regimen. His preferred brands, Blue Buffalo & Taste of the Wild, coupled with regular feeding schedules, maintain the dogs' overall wellbeing.

Keeping Shape with Play and Nutrition

The spacious yard at HillSideBullyz is the perfect ground for the dogs to run around until they've worn themselves out. This routine, combined with the right vitamins and calcium intake, helps keep the dogs muscular and healthy throughout the year.

Pedigrees and Finding the Perfect Match

When purchasing a puppy from HillSideBullyz, Enrique ensures potential buyers understand the pedigree and style he breeds. For newcomers, he takes the time to break down all the necessary knowledge, making sure his kennel's vision aligns with the responsibilities potential owners are willing to undertake.

Health Guarantees and Post-Adoption Support

Enrique stands by the health of his puppies, ensuring each receives a full vet check and a health certificate before going to their new homes. While the ongoing health of the puppy is then the buyer’s responsibility, Enrique's commitment to the puppies' well-being doesn’t end upon sale.

Handling the Unexpected: Returns and Rehoming

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes, a dog might need to be returned or rehomed. Enrique approaches these situations with patience and compassion, assuring owners he will look for a suitable new home if needed, reflecting his dedication to the breed's longevity and happiness.

Showcasing HillSideBullyz Talents

Having bred and produced Grand Champion to Champion males and females, Enrique is no stranger to the show ring. He's excited to bring in new talent with an up-and-coming female who will strut her stuff under the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) and World Bully Association (WBA) banners.

Wise Words for Aspiring Breeders

For those inspired to join the world of breeding, Enrique emphasizes the importance of entering with the right intentions. He advises focusing on improving the breed standard, enjoying the breeding and showing process, and most importantly, treasuring the family-oriented atmosphere at the shows.

Overcoming Challenges in the Bully Scene

One of the biggest trials for those in the bully game, according to Enrique, is dealing with the breed's misrepresentation, especially when altercations occur during events. He advocates for breeders to speak up for their dogs, limit non-productive drama, and focus on improving the breed and themselves.

Community Desires and Personal Aspirations

Looking up to anyone with love and passion for the American Bully, Enrique's goal for the year is to Champion his new female and enhance the network with fellow breeders. In a decade, he hopes the bully community will stick to its roots, maintaining consistency in bloodlines, breed representation, and changing public perception for the better.

What Sets HillSideBullyz Apart

Enrique believes that uniqueness in vision sets each kennel apart from the competition. HillSideBullyz is no exception, with a clear dedication to the breed, striving to advance the bloodlines and maintain a high standard of quality.

Beyond the Kennel: Life and Passion

When not immersed in the dog world, Enrique enjoys the challenges of drywall installation and bodybuilding – pursuits that, much like breeding, require discipline, strength, and a detailed eye for improvement.

A Reflection on Bully Girl Magazine

Expressing appreciation for Bully Girl Magazine's commitment and positive representation of the breed, Enrique values the recognition it gives to breeders and their efforts. It's a beacon of inspiration and encouragement, a sign that they’re not alone in their endeavors to build a better world for the American Bully breed.

In closing, readers are reminded that the bond between humans and their beloved bully breeds is one of deep connection and unity. The stories such as Enrique's from HillSideBullyz reveal the truth behind a misunderstood breed and the passionate caretakers dedicated to their welfare.

For those equally moved by the dedication to these wonderful companions, consider subscribing to Bully Girl Magazine and downloading the Bully Girl Mobile App to stay connected to a community that celebrates these incredible animals and those who love them.

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