Adorabull Kennels: Where Every American Bully for Sale is Bred with Passion

Adorabull Kennels: Where Every American Bully for Sale is Bred with Passion

Down Under's Bully Queen

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Australia, Bee Bumble proudly stands as the helm of Adorabull Kennels. For those familiar with the world of American Bully breeders, Bee's name resonates with commitment, passion, and an unyielding love for the breed.

The Beginnings: From Staffordshire to American Bully

Bee's journey with bull breeds started with the Staffordshire Bull Terriers, a decade-long affair that only deepened her love for these canines. However, the day she laid eyes on an American Bully, it was an instantaneous connection. "I was sold hook, line and sinker," she recalls with a chuckle. Years have passed, but her admiration for the breed has only grown.

The Breeder's Commitment: More than Just Breeding

For Bee, breeding isn't merely a business; it's a responsibility. At Adorabull Kennels, DNA tests are routinely performed to weed out breed-specific diseases. The recent introduction of heart testing into their program further showcases their dedication to ensuring the health and well-being of every pup.

Every puppy born in Adorabull Kennels is given early exposure to various sights, sounds, and other dogs. "Good dogs start in the hands of the Breeders," Bee emphasizes. Her commitment doesn't end when the puppies leave her yard. Extensive guidance and support are offered to new owners, ensuring the transition is smooth for both the puppy and its new family.

Beyond Breeding: Addressing Misconceptions

Bee's passion isn't limited to breeding; she's an advocate for the breed. Common misconceptions about American Bullies, especially their association with aggression, are something she regularly addresses. "They've been designed to be your best friend," she explains, highlighting their nature as companion dogs. Her advice? Research and attend local bully meets or shows to truly understand the breed.

The Adorabull Standard

What truly sets Adorabull Kennels apart? "Commitment to the breed, its success, and its growth," Bee states. A responsible breeder, in her eyes, prioritizes health and temperament and is genuinely invested in the breed beyond financial gains.

Adorabull Kennels champions a balanced raw diet for their dogs, endorsing brands like FRONTIER, PRIME 100, and ZIWI PEAK, which emphasize fresh, whole ingredients.

The Journey to Owning an Adorabull Pup

For those looking to welcome an Adorabull pup into their homes, the process is thorough. From applications to video calls, Bee ensures that both the buyer's and puppy's needs are met. The focus isn't just on selling but matching the right pup with the right home.

Challenges in the Bully World

Bee acknowledges the challenges in the bully breeding community, from the "hype game" to unethical practices driven by profits. Her solution? A community push for better quality dogs and more transparency.

Idols and Inspirations

Ask Bee about her inspirations, and she's quick to name a few from the Australian bully community: Carlos from West Coast Bully Cartel, Mat from EternalBullies, and Tarrant from DesignaBulz. All have imparted invaluable knowledge and stand as pillars of the breeding community.

The Future of Adorabull Kennels

Bee's dreams for the next decade? "A thriving community, better breed awareness, and more American Bullies in homes around the country." For her, the journey with American Bullies isn't just about breeding but building a legacy and contributing positively to the bully breed community.

A Life Beyond Bullies

While Bee is all about dogs, she has other pursuits too. A tattoo artist by profession and an equestrian enthusiast at heart, her life is a blend of art, passion, and commitment.

A Nod to the Magazine

Bee's admiration for Bully Girl Magazine is evident. "It's an incredible platform showcasing amazing dogs and people," she praises. Bee Bumble's dedication and love for the American Bully breed are palpable. Her story serves as an inspiration for breeders and enthusiasts alike. For more tales like Bee's and all things bully, don't forget to subscribe to Bully Girl Magazine and download the Bully Girl Mobile App.

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