Passion and Precision: 92Bulliez Impact on American Bully Breeding

Passion and Precision: 92Bulliez Impact on American Bully Breeding

In the world of American bully breeders, Pierre Coleman stands out as a beacon of passion and dedication. Based in Alabama, his kennel, 92Bulliez, has become a name synonymous with quality, care, and excellence in the breeding of American Bullies. Coleman's journey into the world of these remarkable dogs is not just a story of breeding but a testament to the love and commitment towards the betterment of the breed.

A Passion Ignited

Growing up with Pit Bulls, Coleman's affinity for dogs was evident from an early age. Post-graduation, his desire to return to breeding led him to the American Bully breed, inspired by renowned breeders like Khanh and Alex Ferraro. This choice marked the beginning of an enriching journey with a breed known for its distinctive appearance and endearing temperament.

Health and Happiness: The Top Priority

At 92Bulliez, the health of American Bully puppies is paramount. Understanding the breed's susceptibility to heart murmurs, Coleman ensures each puppy undergoes vet testing at six weeks. His forward-thinking approach is also evident in his plans to embark on genetic testing in 2024, highlighting his commitment to the breed's health and longevity.

Socialization and Nurturing

Socialization plays a crucial role in preparing puppies for their new homes. Coleman integrates his puppies with other dogs, teaching them commands and curbing bad habits early on. His role as a Store Manager for TSC offers a unique opportunity for the puppies to interact with a diverse range of people, fostering their social skills.

Tackling Misconceptions Head-On

Common misconceptions about the bully breed often revolve around aggression. Coleman actively addresses these by educating potential buyers about the breed's true nature: friendly, sociable, and eager to please, yet loyal and protective. This helps in reshaping public perception and showcasing the breed's suitability for families and children.

The Ethos of a Responsible Breeder

Coleman embodies what it means to be a responsible dog breeder. His emphasis on good communication, honesty, respect, and passion sets a standard in the breeding community. These values, coupled with his business acumen, make him a role model for aspiring breeders.

A Diet for Champions

Diet is a crucial aspect of Coleman's breeding program. He feeds his dogs a combination of Diamond Extreme, Canine X chicken, and raw diet, adjusting quantities in the winter. His recommendations for dog food brands are based on personal experience and success, further cementing his expertise.

Keeping Fit and Active

Fitness is key in maintaining the health and shape of his dogs. Daily walks with an XDog vest, pull poles, and ample playtime ensure that Coleman's dogs are not only physically fit but also happy and well-rounded.

The Journey to Owning a 92Bulliez Dog

Purchasing a pup from 92Bulliez is a thoughtful process. It begins with a conversation to understand the buyer's needs, followed by expert guidance from Coleman. He stresses the importance of responsible shipping, recommending trusted shippers to ensure the safe arrival of the puppies.

Aftercare: A Lifetime Commitment

Coleman's commitment extends beyond the sale. Offering health guarantees and support, he stands by his dogs and their owners, ensuring a lifetime of care and advice. His track record of no returns or rehoming further attests to the quality of his breeding and the satisfaction of his clients.

Showcasing Excellence

Currently campaigning two littermates, Ch PacMan and Dej Loaf, Coleman's involvement in dog shows highlights his dedication to promoting the breed's best traits and standards.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Breeders

For those entering the breeding world, Coleman advises patience, goal-setting, and staying true to one's vision. He emphasizes the importance of honesty and integrity in overcoming the challenges within the bully community.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Coleman's goal is to achieve championship status for his dogs across multiple registers. His vision for the bully breed community over the next decade is one of consistency and adherence to the breed standard, regardless of class.

Setting 92Bulliez Apart

What differentiates 92Bulliez from its competitors is Coleman's unwavering commitment to consistency and sound business practices. His multifaceted life, balancing breeding with semi-pro football, family, and travel, reflects his dynamic approach to life and business.

A Nod to Bully Girl Magazine

Coleman's appreciation for Bully Girl Magazine is evident. He lauds the platform for giving breeders like himself an opportunity to network and promote their work. It's a relationship built on mutual respect and a shared passion for the American Bully breed.

This story is more than just an account of a breeder and his kennel; it's a journey into the heart of what makes the American Bully breed so special. From health and socialization to nutrition and fitness, Pierre Coleman's approach at 92Bulliez is a benchmark for aspiring breeders and enthusiasts alike.

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