Bully Girl Magazine 2-Page Interview Spread


Looking to promote and grow your kennel or business. Showcase your beautiful dogs inside the #1 Bully Breed Magazine, with our Bully Girl Magazine 2-Page Interview Spread. Upon purchasing you will be contacted by our staff via email with the interview questions, as well as instructions on the type of photo we need and any deadlines to be aware of.

Bully Girl Magazine has grown to become the most popular bully breed magazine in the game! Getting featured in Bully Girl will put your dog or kennel in front of thousands of people. Our magazine is subscribed to all throughout the United States, as well as: Canada, Cayman Islands, Indonesia, Japan, Puerto Rico and Thailand. Your interview will also be featured on our blog site at www.bullygirlmagazine.com, which gets over 12,000 pageviews per day.

So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to be in the spotlight. We look forward to helping you promote and grow your kennel.