Welcome, Bully Fam!

The BGM Bully Fam NFT will give you exclusive access to discounts, sales, giveaways and shared income from BGM Bully Fam NFT merch. Your investment will will also help us donate to Bully Breed dog rescues around the world, as 25% of each sale will go to that cause.

If you don't already have a crypto wallet to store your NFT, please do so beforehand. We suggest using Coinbase Wallet. At the cart screen, enter your public crypto wallet address in the order notes section. After purchase, we will airdrop the NFT to your public wallet address. Your NFT will arrive minted and ready to go.

Price: $75.00 each

5000 Total Supply of Unique BGM Bully Fam NFT's
25% - Donated to Bully Breed Dog Rescues
10% - Passive Income for Top NFT Holders
5% - Reserved for Community Giveaways
35% - Marketing & Development
25% - for the Team

NFT Holder Reward Levels

Bully Breed dogs, despite their stereotype are a loving and gentle breed. Throughout the world there are hundreds of thousands of Bully Breed dog enthusiasts who love and care for this breed. Bully Girl Magazine (BGM) was founded to bring awareness to the Bully Breed, and help to change the way this wonderful breed is viewed.

We are a community of bully breed dog lovers. For over a decade we have traveled the globe, showing love and support for Bully Breed dogs everywhere. Throughout our travels, we have amassed a huge family of Bully Breed dog lovers, who we now consider our BGM Bully Fam.

We have turned our love for the Bully Breed into an internationally subscribed print magazine, as well as a fashionable and trademarked clothing brand for Bully Breed lovers and enthusiasts worldwide to display their love for Bully Breed dogs wherever they go.Each unique Bully Fam NFT will bring the holder utility in the form of benefits and perks tied to Bully Girl Magazine, LLC and BGM Warehouse (our online e-commerce store) such as:

For BGM Bully Fam NFT Holders with 21 or more NFT's unlocks:

  • all Level 1 & 2 utilities
  • access to invite-only events by BGM Warehouse
  • 1 free airdrop NFT from the next collection


What do I do with the NFT's once I have them?
Our plan is for the NFT's to gain more value over time, as we introduce more utility for them, and release future NFT projects and collections. So it may be beneficial to hold them to sell at a later date on OpenSea or Rarible. Right now, having a single NFT give you access to exclusive sales and discounts as well as profit sharing on NFT-related merch. The more NFT's you own, the bigger percentage you earn from sales.

Do I need to add money to my crypto wallet to purchase the NFT's?
No. You can simply buy the BGM Bully Fam NFT's right here on our website using your normal preferred method of payment. After purchase, you just need to give us the public wallet address that you would like to have your NFT's transferred to.

2022 Roadmap

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Launch Phase (0-25%)

Release the first edition of BGM Bully Fam NFT's. Discounts, sales and giveaways will be announced on Discord. Marketing for growth on Discord and Twitter will ramp up.

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Halfway There (50%)

Our first large donation will be given to a local or national rescue based on our BGM Bully Fam NFT Holder community votes. Exclusive BGM Bully Fam merch will be released. Voting will be held for the direction of the next NFT release.

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To The Moon (100%)

Inegration of our NFT project into our Bully Girl Mobile App. Discuss more plans and opportunites for passive income sharing with Top BGM Bully Fam NFT Holders. Community vote on the next big donation. Top NFT holders will be published inside Bully Girl Magazine.

Join Our Discord

Join other Bully Breed dog and crypto enthusiasts like yourself on our Discord channel. BGM Bully Fam NFT holders will have access to private NFT holder channels.

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BGM Bully Fam Pullover Hoodie
BGM Bully Fam Pullover Hoodie
BGM Bully Fam Pullover Hoodie
BGM Bully Fam Pullover Hoodie

BGM Bully Fam Pullover Hoodie


The BGM Bully Fam Pullover Hoodie is for responsible bully breed dog owners and enthusiasts around the world who:

If you are part of the BGM Bully Fam, this hoodie was made for you!

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