The Benefits of Feeding Your Bully Breed Dog a Raw Diet

The Benefits of Feeding Your Bully Breed Dog a Raw Diet

Switching your Bully Breed Dog to raw dog food might be the best decision you have ever made on his behalf. There are many health benefits this type of diet provides for dogs. Owners who tried it are very satisfied and it’s no surprise since this is the most ‘normal’ diet a dog can eat. Raw food isn’t ‘the new kid on the block’, but it definitely gained a lot of popularity in the past few years.

You never truly know what processed commercial kibble or canned food contains and the labeling can be misleading. Giving raw food means you will know exactly what goes inside your Bully Dogs tummy and have complete control of the sources of the ingredients. Don’t they deserve the best? Let’s see why more and more people turn to raw food for their dogs and what benefits there are.

Digestive system

One of the biggest downsides of owning a dog is picking up stools, especially messy pick-ups. Dogs eating commercial food often produce loose stool or have diarrhea which is quite the complication. Raw food is a miracle worker and it’s no surprise. The food is rich with natural probiotics that supplement the digestion so soon enough after changing to raw food you’ll say goodbye to liquid stools. Not only the will the excrements remain consistently firm, but they will also lose the foul smell.

The digestion improves in almost all aspects. A Bully Breed Dog with a case of gas or bloat constantly feels uncomfortable. Furthermore, the owners are getting seriously frustrated with the nasty smells floating around. Raw food enhances the digesting process by aiding enzyme function thus reducing the amount of gas inside the bowels. Also, the body makes better use of all the nutrients and there will be reduced bowel movement.

Skin and Coat

One of the biggest concerns of dog owners is their pet’s dry and flaky coat. They spend tons of money on expensive processed food, natural supplements, topical treatments but nothing seems to help. People feeding their dogs raw food, comfortably claim that the coat becomes firm and shiny only a few months after introducing the new type of diet. It’s undeniably true that wolves and other wild canines always appear as they’ve just paid their groomer a visit.

Bully Breed Dogs are known to suffer from food-borne allergies more than the rest of the bunch. While some dogs are allergic to environmental factors, a big portion of allergy cases are food related. This type of allergy can cause digestive issues, acute and chronic ear, and eye infections, skin problems, etc. Nutritionists believe the main reason for food allergies is the high amount of protein derived from corn and wheat in commercial food. Some meat proteins also provoke the immune system to respond and develop an allergic reaction. While some dogs are even allergic to protein from cooked homemade food, most owners are amazed at how the allergic reactions disappear completely with a raw diet.


The general opinion is that dogs are simply supposed to smell bad all the time. But that’s not completely true. Sure, they will never smell like lavender, but reports confirm that dogs fed raw food don’t have stinky breath and smelly coat. Probably that’s due to the improved dental hygiene and the absence of harmful additives and colors in the food.

Oral Cavity

Commercial feeding is probably the biggest cause of poor dental hygiene. Dental diseases develop due to tartar buildup. Commercial food contains a lot of starch which aids the buildup resulting in serious dental problems. What begins as local inflammation can lead to periodontal diseases and abscessed roots. When that happens, the only solution is the extraction of teeth, so prevention remains as the only logical solution.

Infections in the oral cavity can transfer to other parts of the body and prove to be quite complicated. Dental procedures, even simple teeth cleaning at the vet clinic are costly and represent a huge financial burden for any owner. Prevention in dogs eating traditional dog food is achieved with frequent in-home teeth brushing or dental chews.

Raw food, on the other hand, improves dental health by itself. The bones present in the food naturally scrape and remove tartar and plaque from the dog’s teeth. There have been concerns about possible perforations and trauma in the digestive system as a result of sharp bones, foreign bodies or broken teeth. However, there hasn’t been enough data to confirm whether the ingestion of bones can cause such problems. What veterinarians most often encounter are bones getting stuck in the pharynx. That’s why it’s advisable for them to avoid bones that are both large and impossible to swallow, or ground in fine fragments.

Mental and physical exercise

What most people forget to count as a benefit of feeding a raw diet is the big amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation the dog gets. The jaw and neck muscles strengthen while the Bully tears, shreds and rips raw muscles and bones. The overall energy level of the dog increases significantly. After the meal is over they feel well fed and a bit tired so they enjoy the satisfaction by resting and relaxing.

Bully Breed Dogs really enjoy their raw meals, and get all excited when it’s time to eat. Engaging in this instinctual and primal activity makes their body release endorphins and increases their happiness and mental well-being. Therefore, they are less likely to show destructive behavior.

Immune system

Raw food significantly improves the function of the immune system. The food contains a lot of fatty acids and system-booting nutrients that protect the dog from various diseases and reduce the incidence of inflammatory conditions. This is especially important for older Bully Breed dogs because they often suffer from various degrees of osteoarthritis. Reducing inflammation through food can really make the rest of their lives a lot more comfortable.

Strong immunity is very important throughout the dog’s entire life. As raw food is beneficial for the dog’s immune system, in the long-term this will minimize the need for expensive veterinary treatments.

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  • Stijntje van der veer

    Ik own a classic male Bully and feed him 200gr of eukanuba grainfree patato Salomon and 100gr chopped beef twice a day and beef skin treats, Very healthy and alive, i also have a health insurance fore him. Greetings too all dog owners

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