Bully Girl Magazine Issue 72

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Bully Girl Magazine Issue 72 is here, and there is something special about this Front Cover.  Does this French Bulldog, Champion B-Bop Sam, look familiar to you? If so, you might be thinking of his father Grand Champion Yosemite Sam, (R.I.P.) who was featured on the cover of Issue 52 a few years back. Champion B-Bop Sam is a spitting image of Yosemite Sam.

Inside Issue 72 you will find an exclusive interview with Haile Selassie of H.D. Bullyz. Haile is the owner of Champion B-Bop Sam, and the late Yosemite Sam. In his interview Haile gives you a look inside his breeding program, and shares advice for up and coming Frenchie breeders.

Bully Girl Magazine Issue 72 is also packed with other great content such as:

  • more Bad Ass Bully Breed dog from around the world
  • interviews with other great kennels and bully breeders
  • informative and educational articles to help you take care of your bully dog
  • recent celebrity news
  • our Bully Breed Photo Contest winners
  • and much more

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